Difference Between Gardner Mosquito Repellent and Insecticide

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Mosquito Squad offers two methods of Gardner mosquito control. What is the difference between the two?

Hight atop the list of questions concerning mosquito control questions are: which is more effective and which mosquito mist for your yard offers longer protection? If you are considering starting a Gardner mosquito repellent or EPA-registered insecticide program for your yard this year, here are the differences between the two.

What constitutes a Gardner mosquito repellent for your yard?

Repellent is simply a type of mosquito protection for your yard, which keeps mosquitoes away from you. It does not kill mosquitoes or other pests. A repellent might be a yard mist, a device you wear, or a citronella candle. Some of the more popular types of personal mosquito repellents are DEET, Picaridin, or those made from essential oils, like lemon grass or eucalyptus. While mist-on repellents are great when you are away from home, we recommend a more powerful method of repellent at home. Mosquito Squad of Worcester offers natural mosquito repellent for your yard, which is applied to your property, from the perimeter, all the way in close to your home. Our natural mosquito control solution will repel up to 85% of mosquitoes around your home for a couple of weeks before reapplication is required.

What is an EPA-registered insecticide or pesticide?

An EPA-registered pesticide is a formula kills mosquitoes, rather than repelling them. Pesticides have gotten a bad reputation over the years, as some from many years ago were found to be harmful to humans. Some of you might remember DDT being banned in the 1970's, which was found to have adverse effects on the environment, wildlife, and humans. Advanced technologies of today have provided us with better insecticide solutions, however. Mosquito Squad of Worcester offers an EPA-registered Gardner mosquito control solution, which not only begins to eliminate mosquitoes and other pests on contact but continues working for about 21 days between applications. How effective is our traditional barrier mosquito control mist? You can expect up to 90% less mosquitoes around your property!

It is time to begin your Gardner mosquito control regimen with Mosquito Squad of Worcester. Say good riddance to mosquitoes with our EPA-registered mosquito barrier protection or natural mosquito repellent for your yard. Call us today at (508) 388-5640.