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Spring Clean Your Yard As Well As Your Home!

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Spring Clean Your Yard As Well As Your Home!

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The weather is warmer, and we are anxiously awaiting the warmer weather and time outdoors. Or are we? We definitely are looking forward to cooking outdoors, hiking, and playing with our kids outside. No matter what your favorite part of spring is, there is something that involves the outdoors.

Plan on how to keep the mosquitoes and ticks away. The simplest methods are usually the most effective. Spring is the perfect time to not only go through all that old stuff in your house but also get rid of that old stuff out in the yard. Spring time is the best time to get the yard all cleaned up from the winter. You can preemptively keep mosquitoes away this season through a couple different yard maintenance tactics:

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  • Mosquitoes breed and lay eggs in any standing water they can find. Remove everything that can collect even the smallest amounts of water. Dump any water from bird baths, pools, and toys. Make sure any tarps are pulled taut to reduce water pooling on them. Check your gutters for anything that might stop water from flowing out.

  • Ticks and other insects prefer damp, dark areas to live and hide in. You can cut down the population of these pests by throwing out any dead grass or leaves that may have collected over the winter. Make sure overgrown areas are cut down and cleared.

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