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6 Ways To Avoid Getting Itchy Bites

Posted by Mosquito Squad
6 Ways To Avoid Getting Itchy Bites

December 20, 2023

Avoiding mosquitoes becomes increasingly more important as we continue getting closer to the summer months. Shorts and t-shirts become the more prominent clothing of choice as temperatures steadily rise. Everyone starts spending more time outside, enjoying parks, recreational sports, barbecues, and parties. One thing that also increases with the summer season is mosquito activity.

Child itching a mosquito bite.

Science continues to meet the expectations of our changing needs. Over the past few years, scientists and mosquito experts have made enormous discoveries about the mosquito and how to protect against them. Perhaps the most major discovery to be made about mosquitoes concerns how they gravitate to some people more than others. Unfortunately, how tasty you appear to the little buggers is determined solely by your genetics and maybe your blood type. Mosquitoes are especially attracted to people with O-type blood, even to the point of being able to detect such people from up to over 100 yards away. So if you always seem to be the life of the mosquito party, you can thank your parents for that. However, that other 15% can still make a huge difference in your enjoyment of the outdoors and avoidance of mosquito bites. Here are the best ways you can make mosquitoes less interested in you.

Avoid Their Business Hours

Most of the mosquitoes we have in the Triad area are known to be most active dawn and dusk. You can avoid them simply by avoiding these times to be outside

Dress to Impress

Mosquitoes are attracted to colors most similar to plants (mosquitoes are pollinators) and animals that they would normally prey upon. Red, navy blue, & black are the three worst colors when it comes to trying to avoid mosquitoes, but anything dark will attract them. So, wear white and lighter colors. They also like flowery smelling perfumes. So, tone down on the Chanel

Use Repellent

Spraying for mosquitoes.

There are many mosquito repellents and repellents available, it can be hard to find one that will actually be the most effective. The most proven bug sprays tend to use some concentration of DEET, a pesticide geared towards protecting you from all sorts of bugs. For safety purposes, the Center for Disease Control recommends that if using a DEET based mist you should use concentrations of 50% or less, avoid misting skin that will be covered by clothing, and wash after coming back inside.

Exercise Indoors

Mosquitoes can detect humans from far away. They do this by sensing the carbon dioxide that we exhale from breathing and can also smell your sweat. As a result, when you go for a run outside or work out in the yard, you are essentially the main course on the mosquito menu.

Enjoy A Cold One, But Indoors

One of the most recent discoveries, mosquitoes prefer people who drink alcohol. Scientist are still trying to determine the exact cause of this phenomenon, but are thinking that it could be due to people’s rise in temperature after drinking beer, wine, or cocktails.

Beers in the outdoors.

At this point you may be starting to wonder, “But, that’s basically all the best things to do outdoors!”, and you aren’t completely wrong. When you plan a backyard barbecue with volleyball, drinks, salty food, and lots of people, you may actually be putting together the perfect party attractions for the little mosquitoes, that’s why we’ve got one more suggestion on how to avoid mosquitoes this season.

Call the Squad

At Mosquito Squad, we offer mist programs that are guaranteed to keep mosquitoes from crashing your backyard party so you don’t have to worry about them for the whole summer. Contact Mosquito Squad at 336-617-5268 to find out the best mosquito and tick control solutions.