5 Go to Marinades for Gilling This Year

Posted by Mosquito Squad

June 14, 2021

The weather is getting warmer. We are preparing to use our backyards and outdoor living spaces. We will be cooking on our grills and having dinners outside. Mosquito Squad protects many from mosquitoes and ticks in their yards through out the season. We want to offer those that are enjoying our service with grilling and backyard dinners our favorite recommendation for marinades to use.

5 Go To Marinades For The 2021 Grilling Season

Three Ingredient Steak Marinade

This is an easy one from tasteofhome.com with three ingredients, but it makes a great grilled steak. The key to this one is to plan and have it sit overnight.

Grilled Fish Steaks

One for those trying to eat a little healthier. This one from allrecipes.com uses halibut steaks, but you can use any type of thicker sturdier fish steak. Do not over marinate as the fish will fall apart.

The Best Chicken Marinade Recipe

So says modernhoney.com and we would have to agree. Best results is to marinate for recommended 4-5 hours and do not over cook. Tender! Juicy! And Tasty!

Marinated BBQ Pork Roast

This is a great one using direct and indirect heat. A delicious recipe from bbqingwiththenolands.com. It offers several options for type of pork roasts. It makes a tender roast with a little bit of a bite!

All Purpose Grilling Marinade

The best one for last. This one from playswellwithbutter.com works well with several types of meat and VEGETABLES. Lots of possibilities with this one.

Many of us at Mosquito Squad have tried some or all of these and think them to be excellent recommendations. Don't let your outdoor grilling and dinner be ruined by mosquito bites. Put the effort into fixing a great dinner in toy backyard and let Mosquito Squad put the effort into controlling the mosquito and tick bites. You will notice that you are not noticing them.