Ticks and Mosquitoes: How They Target You and How to Avoid Them

tick on a branch

Outdoor activities are a favorite pastime in our region. From climbing our rolling mountains to traversing MA coastal areas, nature has a lot to offer us. Summer is finally here, and people throughout the state are going to flock to their backyards and the many other gorgeous outdoor areas in MA. Seemingly, nothing can stand in the way of our enjoyment of the coming summer, but this assumption is incorrect. Although spending time in nature might seem like a relatively safe endeavor, your health and happiness are at stake. Why? As you are probably aware, ticks and mosquitoes in our part of the world are becoming a real problem, as evidenced by calls for government-directed pest control efforts. Ticks, for example, are causing a borderline health crisis due to their ability to spread Lyme disease to residents throughout the Northeast and beyond. Mosquitoes are also capable of spreading diseases, and while this occurrence is less common than with ticks, mosquitoes are also a huge nuisance. With these pests in mind, you must take the necessary steps to defend yourself against both ticks and mosquitoes. First, though, it might be helpful to know how these insects target us.

Why is Wilbraham tick control important?

Although ticks and mosquitoes are extremely different pests, they rely on similar mechanisms to identify and target prey. Considering how small both creatures are, it comes as little surprise that they can’t see things as we can. However, they do have specialized senses that allow them to seek out prey with unnerving accuracy. One of the primary senses both ticks and mosquitoes will use to find a victim is their carbon dioxide detection. All animals depend on respiration to supply their cells with oxygen. The byproduct of respiration is the emission of carbon dioxide, and it is this emission that ticks and mosquitoes target. From lizards to humans, ticks and mosquitoes can feed on many sizes of organisms, however, large animals are big targets for these creatures. Thus, humans are easily identified as a prime source of nutrients. Ticks and mosquitoes will also sense heat and smell when they are in proximity, and this three-pronged sensory approach is highly accurate.

Defend against both pests with Wilbraham mosquito control

Despite our superior strength, we are very vulnerable to ticks and mosquitoes due to their secretive feeding behavior. To defend against both, Mosquito Squad is here to help. We have a long track record of defending customers since our founding in 2005, and we’re still going strong. Using our barrier protection treatments, which last for up to 3 weeks, we can guarantee a reduction of up to 90% in the mosquito population on your property. You can expect similar results for ticks, too. With a treatment every 2-3 weeks throughout the summer and fall, you can rest assured that you’re defended at all times.

Ticks and mosquitoes are a threat to human health. To keep them away, Mosquito Squad of Springfield offers Wilbraham mosquito and tick control for comprehensive defense. To learn more, give us a call at (413) 418-3359.