Lyme Disease in Dogs: Signs to Look For

Tick on a leaf

As a pet owner, you know how important it is to look out for your furry friend and ensure they live a happy, healthy life. Owning a dog is a serious investment, especially after the totals for food and medications are tallied up, but we can all agree that such expenses are worth it. However, there are some things that you can’t control, like what your dog might encounter in nature or your backyard. Living in the Northeast comes with many benefits, but there are a few downsides, too. One of the biggest is the prevalence of ticks throughout our region. Each summer, these tiny arachnids emerge in force, searching for hosts to harvest blood from, and our pets may find themselves on the menu.

Southampton tick control helps humans and pets alike

As they scramble around in the outdoors, careening through bushes and other natural features, our dogs present easy targets for ticks to latch onto, which is obviously concerning. Unlike us, most dogs have a furry coat that makes a perfect hiding place for ticks to parasitize in secrecy. Our furry friends are treasured parts of our lives, and we should take any risk to their health seriously. Ticks are especially concerning because they don’t just bite; they can also transmit Lyme disease to our dogs! As you may know, Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States, with somewhere between 300,000 to 400,000 people becoming infected every year. As pets are also vulnerable to this disease, flea and tick collars are recommended in addition to professionally applied tick control. Clearly, ticks are a massive issue, especially in the Northeast. So, what symptoms should you look out for if your dog has been bitten by a tick?

Some of the most common symptoms include fever, lameness, swelling in the joints, and others. It can be hard to identify how our pets feel, so a blood test is the best way to determine if your dog has contracted Lyme disease. To keep you and your pet defended this summer, tick control is your best bet.

Southampton tick control from the experts

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve worked since 2005 to ensure our neighbors and their pets are defended against the ticks found in our yards. With tick barrier protection treatments applied every two to three weeks, we can guarantee a dramatic and pronounced reduction in the tick population on your property. We want you and your pets to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of encountering ticks, which is why we offer services that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Just like humans, dogs can contract Lyme disease. To defend yourself and your furry friends from ticks, look to Mosquito Squad of Springfield for Southampton tick control. Give us a call at (413) 418-3359.

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