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Is Lyme Disease Prevalent in Westchester and Rockland County?

Lyme disease

As you already know, living in the New York area has a lot of benefits. Not only are we near one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world, but we also have the chance to be near some of the best natural settings the Northeast has to offer. Our part of the world is verdant and full of life, even in our backyards! However, not all the creatures that live near us have good intentions. Some, in fact, may seem downright nefarious. There are probably a couple of nasty insects that come to mind when you think of summer in our region and ticks should be on that list. Tiny and very difficult to see at times, ticks are one of the most common parasites we have a chance of encountering. There are a few reasons for the prevalence of ticks in the Northeast, one of them being reforestation over the past decades. Believe it or not, when we first began farming in the Northeast and participated in deforestation on a massive level, ticks nearly went extinct where we are! Now, however, we have worked to restore the natural environment, but many of the natural predators of ticks haven’t recovered quite so well, and these tiny arachnids can even be found in our yards. As if this weren’t bad enough, ticks are also the cause of Lyme disease across the United States, Westchester and Rockland Counties included.

Lyme disease is more common than you think

Lyme disease is notoriously difficult to diagnose, meaning many cases go under the radar. Combined between these counties, there have been a confirmed 7,245 cases of Lyme disease since 2000, but experts estimate that this number is somewhere around ten times fewer than the actual number. This likely means that over 72,000 people have contracted the disease over the past two decades! This illness is closer than we might think, which raises the importance of professional tick control.

Defend against ticks and Lyme disease

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve been working for nearly 20 years to ensure our customers are defended against ticks and their various diseases. These tiny insects present a real health threat, and we’re here to help you. With our highly trained technicians and our barrier protection spray, we can guarantee a dramatic decrease in the tick population on your property. Treatments every two weeks will keep you defended throughout the summer and fall.

Lyme disease is relatively common in our region. For tick control you can rely on, look no further than Mosquito Squad of Southern Westchester and Rockland County. Give us a call at (914) 533-1159