How to Avoid a Southern New Hampshire Mosquito

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Asian Tiger Mosquito So you know a few people that mosquitoes just won’t leave alone at an outdoor gathering while they completely ignore you. Have you ever wondered why your friend is a magnet and you seem to be a repellant?  Mosquitoes are very selective,  know what they want and know where to find it.  Here’s what they’re looking for:

  1.  Type “O” Blood – While it will be hard to change your blood type, mosquitoes find those who are type “O” very, very attractive. Some scientists believe this is related to amino acid and protein levels in this type of blood.
  2. Want You to Have a Drink – Whether your preference is beer, wine, or a margarita, mosquitoes a drawn to those who have been drinking alcohol. Alcohol changes your blood chemistry, and mosquitoes just can’t get enough of it. Cheers!
  3. Persuade You to Get Sweaty – It doesn’t matter if you are working or working out; mosquitoes like sweat. For them, it works like an expensive perfume. So go for a run or mow the grass with a push mower, they won’t be able to resist you.
  4. Choose Dark Clothing – Mosquitoes really don’t care as much for pastels or whites. They’d much prefer you look dark and mysterious. Dig out that little black dress or a nice navy shirt and you’re to be a winner.
  5. Like the Pregnant One – Mosquitoes really love moms-to-be. Again, this is probably related to blood chemistry, but they find these ladies especially enticing.

Mosquito Blood Meal Okay, we realize you aren’t really trying to attract a mosquito. You’d much prefer to drive them away. They’re pesky, painful, and carry diseases no one wants. Of course, some of the characteristics mosquitoes love cannot be helped, but knowing what mosquitoes find attractive can help you make choices accordingly. If you have type “O” blood, that’s not going to change, but your choice of drink can.

Even if you are able to avoid all of the characteristics mosquitoes love, you will still probably be bitten at some point this summer. Don’t continue to just swat at them. Do something about it. Call Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire and sign up for our season long mosquito treatments. We will come out to your property and apply a barrier treatment every 21 days. It will provide continuous control of mosquitoes on your property all season long. Even if you are unfortunate enough to have all of the characteristics above, you can still kick mosquitoes to the curb this season.  Call us today at (603) 538-3125!