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Spring Will Be Coming and Now Is the Time To Think About Protecting Your Family From Mosquitoes and Ticks

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Kids in grassWhen it comes to New Hampshire, we’ve got the breathtaking mountains, charming villages, beautiful coastal beaches, and one of the worst tick populations anywhere.  Some residents say you take the good with the bad but at Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire; we only want you to have the good.  That’s why we are already planning to eliminate those tiny ticks and pesky mosquitoes in backyards all across Southern New Hampshire.

With the winter we continue to have, it may seem a little early to start thinking about ticks and mosquitoes but now is the time to prepare for your season.  We’ve already received calls from clients who know how well our services work.  All you need for ticks to get active are a couple of warm days.  The adult ticks that have overwintered and the nymph ticks, the most active and hazardous, start crawling around in full force.  Eliminating entire generations of ticks by disrupting their life cycle starts with a tick trap application in early spring.

ticks in hand If you’re ready to start thinking about warmer nights spent outside,  stop by our booth #102 at the Southern NH Spring Home and Landscape Showthis weekend at the Rockingham Park Racetrack to sign up for our pre-season deal for new customers.  The show is a great place to gather ideas, see new products and talk to professionals about your outdoor spaces.  Once you’re ready to enjoy these new spaces, you want to be sure you are also protected from the nuisance and potential diseases that both mosquitoes and ticks can carry.

With over 1500 cases of Lyme Disease in New Hampshire last year, now is the time to protect your family and pets with our tick and mosquito treatment.   Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire  is ready to fight the bite so stop by our booth this weekend or call us today for a free quote (603) 538-3125