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Mosquito-cast: Southern New Hampshire 2014

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Mosquito-cast: Southern New Hampshire 2014

December 20, 2023

Well, it is officially spring, and the deeper into the season we get the more mosquitoes will begin raising their ugly heads. As you will be dealing with these pests, it is good to know what you may be up against this season. A forecast for mosquitoes might make our fight a little easier. Turns out forecasts do exist, and one based out of Cornell University, gives projections for the entire season in the New Hampshire. According to this projection, the adult mosquito population will be much higher than average this season and will peak sometime in early to mid July.

mosquito eggsWhat, you might say, is the cause for such high projections for 2014? Very likely, our winter weather is to blame. We have had a lot of snow, and as the weather warms, the snow pack melts and causes wet conditions for long periods of time. It will take a while for the ground to dry out. Mosquito eggs need water in order to continue developing into larva, pupa, and subsequently adults. And while you can see mosquito eggs in puddles, they don’t really require an abundance of water to develop. Mosquito eggs can survive in piles of fallen, wet leaves and grass clippings. Where there is moisture in the spring, there are mosquito eggs.

So why isn’t the peak forecasted earlier in the season? Because of the way mosquitoes multiply exponentially. A single female lays up to 300 eggs during each egg laying period. She can lay eggs during each week of her 4-week lifespan. About 150 of her offspring will be female, and each of these females will lay eggs at the same rate and volume as her mother. That’s a lot of mosquitoes originating from just one, and the warmer temperatures make these offspring more likely to survive. So what does this mean for you? Get started eliminating mosquito habitats early because there will be plenty of them. Be sure your yard is draining, and clean up piles of leaves or grass. Getting rid of suitable breeding grounds minimizes the number of eggs that will be laid on your property. Also, call Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire. We treat for mosquitoes in all stages of their lives, including eggs. If we eliminate eggs during the spring, you will have fewer adult mosquitoes to contend with later in the season and can have much more enjoyable days and evenings outdoors. Call us today for a free quote • (603) 538-3125