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Do ultrasonic mosquito control devices work?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

They are highly-marketed and sold just about everywhere, but what is the truth behind ultrasonic mosquito control devices?

Likened to the effects of a dog whistle, ultrasonic mosquito repellents are said to be out of the range of human hearing yet audible to mosquitoes. So loud in fact, they purportedly run mosquitoes right out of your yard. For those averse to EPA-approved mosquito control solutions and the sound of bug zappers, which kill just about everything except mosquitoes, ultrasonic mosquito repellers ‘sound’ like a great idea. Marketing verbiage for these devices is a veritable word salad, making claims like, “Unique design combined with the most advanced and best technologies.”

Ultrasonic Mosquito Control is a Myth

There is zero scientific evidence that ultrasonic devices work. Ranging in price from $15 to $200, some ultrasonic mosquito control devices make disastrous statements, like, “solve your pest problem and will prevent all diseases transmitted by pests.” When consumers put their trust in marketing lingo, they move about with a false sense of security from mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illnesses, like potentially deadly Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Some of these companies have not only come under consumer and industry scrutiny, but they have also been exposed as scams. In 2016, the New York Attorney General’s office filed suit against seven companies, which claimed that their devices prevented Zika virus.

Choose Effective Mosquito Protection

Consumer demand calls for natural methods of mosquito protection. There are numerous devices, including ultrasonic and treated wristbands that can be worn when you are outdoors away from home. A study by the Journal of Insect Science concluded that these on-person devices are ineffective, and further recommend that if you need personal protection away from home, DEET mist is the best solution.

Litchfield Mosquito Control, Two Weeks’ Protection

Mosquito Squad has been helping families effectively control mosquitoes around their homes since 2005. For at-home Litchfield mosquito control, Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire offers a natural solution. Our natural mosquito control mist is an ideal alternative for families, who do not wish to treat their yards with our EPA-registered formula. What’s more, our natural mosquito control will also help control ticks around your home – and it works for about two weeks between sprays!

Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire will help protect your family from the threat of potentially harmful mosquito bites. Call us at (603) 538-3125 to start your mosquito control program, with our EPA-registered or natural mosquito protection formula.