Did I Carry Stink Bugs in on My Fall Decorations?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Most of the insects that torture our time outdoors have fled now that fall is here and winter is approaching. However, there are still a small number of them, some of whom prefer the warmth inside our houses. We tend to disregard the other insects that deliver painful bites, but we should. In the fall, a few different types of pests can congregate on our properties, and stink bugs are one of them. Our living spaces are ideal habitats for stink bugs that want to avoid winter's bitter chill by fleeing to the warmth of our homes. Indeed, our homes provide the perfect shelter, especially with the food that is kept within them. Many homeowners may tidy up their houses for Halloween by adding ornamental elements like hay, pumpkins, and other natural decor. Unfortunately, employing natural products as decorations might invite insects, like ticks, to your doorway.

Stink bugs have been around in our part of the world since they were introduced to the United States back in the 1990s. Over the years, these creatures have become a significant agricultural threat, as well as an annoyance in our own homes. They reside in sunny areas near food supplies like fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and other plant life throughout the warm weather that permeates the spring and summer seasons. However, they attempt to enter our homes in the fall when temperatures become less hospitable. They find plenty of protection in our homes and will enter through any undefended openings. With the exception of the foul smell they release when threatened or squashed, these insects are relatively harmless near us. Another bug that is present in the fall is far more dangerous, though. The insects in question? Ticks.

If stink bugs come to our homes, where do ticks go in the winter?

Keep an eye out for ticks this season as they frequently seek out a blood meal before retreating to their winter dens. Ticks most often go underground in mouse burrows and other subterranean shelters where the cold isn’t so intense in winter. You are likely aware of the risks associated with a tick bite, but we will nonetheless mention them. Lyme disease and other harmful diseases are spread by ticks, and they can harm your health and happiness. This autumn, make sure to seek advice from experts about how to protect yourself from ticks and the diseases they carry. A tick bite can cause devastating health effects.

At Mosquito Squad, have dedicated over 20 years to making sure that our clients are defended against ticks and their potentially harmful bites. We can guarantee that our tick barrier protection treatments will work to reduce the tick population significantly and noticeably on your property.

Stink bugs may already be in your home, so the risk of fall decorations is accidentally transporting ticks. For fall tick control, look no further than Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire. Give us a call at (603) 538-3125 .

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