Intergrated Pest Management

Posted by Mosquito Squad

February 20, 2017

We would like to talk about Integrated Pest Management this time around. For the sake of space we will call it IPM, which is how we refer to it in the industry. At Mosquito Squad of Southern Maine we take the environment and any effects to it very seriously. We treat with only what is needed and offer information to help in the effectiveness of our treatments.

IPM constitutes a multilevel approach to pest management. We treat the property but also point out possible breeding grounds. Anything that can collect rain water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Dry brush and hay are possible breeding grounds for ticks. By eliminating or segregating these breeding grounds from your treated living area, we can enhance the effectiveness of our treatments while enhancing your quality of your family’s outdoor enjoyment.

This also works to limit the amount of pesticides used in a geographic area. IPM is used in farming, on golf courses, at hotels and various other public areas. The more control maintained in other facets makes it much easier on the environment.

For example, place mulch around your flower beds, play areas and perimeter of your yard. This forms a barrier against ticks. They hate direct sun and this allows more sun to reach the ground taking away a cool area for them to rest and breed. That, along with treatment will greatly reduce the risk of Lyme carrying ticks to reach your family. The same thing applies to mosquitoes. We can treat the perimeter of your property and around your home but pooling water within that area can still breed mosquitoes. Be mindful of kiddie pools, tarps, wheelbarrows and any other place water can pool up. Up to 200 mosquito eggs can hatch in an area the size of a bottle cap.

Hope you enjoyed this and we will see you next month for more!!