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Attleboro. One of the oldest cities in the US, this comfortable city provides the greatest comforts of urban delights and space not to feel so cramped. Even featuring our own little zoo, Attleboro offers something for everyone. Unfortunately, even mosquitoes find the area a welcome place to live. With Manchester Pond, Orrs pond, and plenty of rivers, creeks, and other waterways around the region, mosquitoes have plenty of places to hide and multiply. Don't let mosquitoes and other pests get the upper hand in your backyard. Call on your trusted Attleboro mosquito control company, Mosquito Squad.

Get Back to Enjoying Your Outdoor Spaces

Don't add to the burden of having a backyard BBQ by trying to figure out where to put the lamps, tiki torches, or overbearing sprays; there are already enough things to figure out. With the help of our 7 T's of Mosquito Control, you can quickly and easily take back control of your outdoor spaces and decrease the mosquito population around your home and that of your neighbors. Afterward, get in touch with the experienced technicians at Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts to request a free quote.

Every Outdoor Occasion Needs Attleboro Mosquito Control

The goal of Mosquito Squad is to help keep you safe from mosquito-borne illnesses through routine property treatments and one-time special event sprays. Our most sought-after service, the Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment, features immediate effectiveness against adult mosquitoes upon contact. After applying our invisible barrier around your yard, it will dry in 30 minutes and safeguard your property for up to 21 days. Mosquito populations can be cut by as much as 90% with this powerful treatment.

Mosquito Squad offers Tick Control

Despite our name, Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts offers tick control services throughout Attleboro and the surrounding area. The deer tick is the most prevalent tick vector in the state. Lyme disease and other deadly infections can be avoided by treating your property for ticks. With our reliable Traditional Barrier Treatment, you can help safeguard your family and their pets. Ticks can be kept out of your yard with the same excellent treatment that keeps mosquitoes away. This is like buying two layers of protection for the price of one!

To keep your family safe from ticks inside the meantime, Mosquito Squad suggests using the "6 C's of Tick Control."

The 6 C's of Tick Control are:

  1. Clear Out tree and leaf debris around playgrounds, decks, or patios. Ticks despise the sun.
  2. Clean leaf litter and keep your grass cut short.
  3. Choose Plants that repel deer and wildlife or build physical barriers to keep them out of your yard.
  4. Check Hiding Places, such as fences, brick walls, or retaining walls.
  5. Care for Family Pets by using tick control to protect them from tick-borne diseases.
  6. Call the Pros, like your local Attleboro mosquito control company, Mosquito Squad. You can also contact us online!

An Effective and Dependable Attleboro Mosquito Control Company!

Allow us to help combat the mosquito and tick population in your yard. Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts offers the traditional barrier treatment, reducing mosquitoes up to 90% for your Attleboro mosquito control needs. Call today for a free quote.


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