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With the current tick population in Massachusetts being at epidemic levels, it is more important now than ever to have a plan in place for tick control in your yard. Ticks are more than just a pesky nuisance. Deer ticks especially spread disease such as the well-known Lyme Disease, and lesser known dangerous diseases such as Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis & Babesiosis. Whether you’re in Westport, Attleboro, Lakeville, Wareham, Plymouth, Norwell, Bridgewater, or anywhere else in Southeastern Mass, tick control is necessary for lowering the risk of a family member or beloved furry family member from being afflicted with these dangerous tick diseases.

At Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts, we reduce ticks on your property with a customized combination of any or all of three methods for immediate and long term tick control.

Traditional Tick Barrier Treatment

Mosquito Squad technician spraying outsideThe same great product that reduces 85-90% of mosquitoes also reduces adult ticks on contact and for 2-3 weeks of time-released effectiveness. Our traditional barrier treatment is applied by our specially trained and licensed technicians who pay special attention to shady cool places where ticks are known to hide. The time-released formula keeps working for 2-3 weeks. Sign up for the whole season and we’ll automatically come back every 2-3 weeks to treat again, reducing ticks from your yard all season long.

Tick Control From the Ground Up

Mosquito Squad’s granular tick control treatment targets ticks of all types and all stages of development. Applied in pre- and post-season, granular is excellent for combatting ticks that can be active when temperatures climb above 32 degrees Fahrenheit before mosquito season starts. 

Tick control granular is spread in the tick habitats around your property by our highly trained technicians, creating a barrier adjoining your lawn and landscape. The tick control granular settles its way down through the brush and leaf litter to where the ticks hide their eggs and are more likely to overwinter, effectively reaching areas our spray may not penetrate. The special time-released formula activates and reactivates a little bit at a time with added moisture from rain and morning dew for continuous tick control for up to 90 days. It is a perfect method for getting a jump-start on tick control efforts to help you enjoy your yard better all season.

Tick Tubes Eliminate Nymph Ticks

Outdoor Tick TubeThe blood meal that ticks are after is needed by ticks to either grow from larva to nymph, nymph to adult or for an adult female to lay eggs. The life cycle of ticks is very predictable in that the younger larvae and nymph ticks will use small rodents for the blood meal that is needed to grow into the next life stage. Tick tubes work to eliminate nymph ticks which effectively interrupts the life cycle, significantly lowering the growth of the tick population in your yard. 

How do tick tubes work? Tick tubes are cardboard tubes filled with insecticide-treated cotton. These tubes are placed twice a year in strategic locations around your property to encourage the mice in the area to take the treated cotton as a nesting material. When mice travel around in the underbrush they pick up nymph ticks who are looking for that next blood meal. Upon arrival back to the rodent’s den, the nymph ticks are eliminated on contact. 

If you’re serious about protecting your family and pets from Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases call today. Mosquito Squad of Southeastern MA stands behind all of our tick control services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We provide mosquito & tick control service throughout Bristol and Plymouth counties. Please check out our service area page for more information.

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