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For the 5th Year in a Row, Mosquito Squad of Southeast Massachusetts is Awarded SouthCoast’s 2021 Best of the Best Pest Control

customers love us. mosquitoes hate us.

Celebrating 10 years in business for the 2021 mosquito and tick season, Mosquito Squad of Southeast Massachusetts earns their fifth Best of the Best Award.

In 2017, after just five years in business, covering the two Mosquito Squad territories of Fall River and South Shore, Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts won their first SouthCoast Best of the Best Pest Control Award. As the team celebrated the victory, they never rested on their laurels but used it as a motivation to maintain their dedication to incredible customer service and superior mosquito and tick control services.

Fast forward to 2021, and we are grateful to our customers for yet again voting us Best of the Best Pest Control.The fifth year in a row!

Before and After - Five Transformative Years

2021 bets of the best winner

In our first year, we operated out of the family garage with a single truck. Now, ten years later, we’ve come a long way through many changes in the world. Lyme Disease was declared an epidemic in our state in 2015. We had a Zika virus scare in 2016, a multi-year EEE outbreak started in 2019, and let us not forget how COVID-19 impacted us all in 2020 and still today. Even from our first Best of the Best win in 2017, the business has changed drastically. Check out the difference between then and now:

Our Fleet

2017 = 6 trucks

2021 = 15 trucks

Our Team

2017 = 12 technicians + 2 office staff

2021 = 28 technicians + 4 office staff

Our Clients

2017 = 1,533

2021 = 2,360

Total Completed Treatments

2017 = 9,387

2021 = 13,608

Our Reviews

2017 = 4.9 Stars, 43 Google Reviews

2021 = 4.9 Stars, 226 Google Reviews

We have many people to thank for helping us build our family-owned, women-led small business along the way. But it all comes down to our fabulous customers. Without you entrusting your mosquito and tick control to us and then telling your friends and family about your experience, we’d be nowhere. Thank you! We look forward to helping you better enjoy your yards for years to come – no matter what the world and mother nature throw at us.