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If you're fed up with returning to the inside of your home with unexpected, painful mosquito bites, consider a mosquito treatment from Mosquito Squad of Rockford. Our customer satisfaction rate is over 99% because we focus on offering high-quality solutions along with a money-back guarantee for peace of mind. Most customers prefer our barrier treatment, a quick option that provides multi-week protection against ticks and mosquitoes in the Roscoe, IL area. Other people who are looking for a more permanent solution opt to have a misting system installed in their yard. A misting system automatically sprays your yard daily, while also giving you the power to mist the yard whenever you like.


Our barrier treatment usually takes no more than 30 minutes to finish. We use backpack mist blowers to mist a time-released solution in common mosquito gathering areas and the perimeter of your yard. The EPA-registered solution instantly kills 85-90% of mosquitoes - plus eliminates ticks, gnats, and other pests - and it continues to work for up to three weeks. Once we finish misting the yard, we search for all mosquito-breeding sites, and then treat or remove them. The mist we use dries in less than sixty minutes, so you can get back to your yard quickly.

Mosquito Squad also offers an organic barrier treatment for customers seeking an natural treatment in the Roscoe area. We use an in-house mosquito repellent, which contains high-quality essential oils and a surfactant. This repellent provides up to two weeks of protection and repels 65-80% of mosquitoes by giving off an aroma that causes pests to stay out of your yard. While our solution has a scent that mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests can detect, you won't be able to smell the solution within 24 hours of the treatment.


If you want a solution that gives you control over the treatment, an iMist misting system is the way to go. The system is programmed to automatically mist your Roscoe yard multiple times a day in 30-second bursts, allowing you to sit back and let the system take care of your pest problem. However, we give you a remote control that lets you mist the yard on-command and adjust the current mist schedule. This can come in handy if you're expecting guests and want to be 100% sure that the yard is pest-free, or if you want to prevent guests from getting misted while everyone's enjoying themselves outdoors.

We charge a yearly fee to take care of your misting system. Our Roscoe mosquito control team monitors the system's condition via the built-in sensors, and we respond quickly to any issues. We'll also maintain the system, add mosquito repellent to the tank, and winterize the system before it gets cold, so your system is always functioning at 100%.

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