Are Drought Conditions Conducive to Tick and Mosquito Control?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Are Drought Conditions Conducive to Tick and Mosquito Control?

December 20, 2023

As a resident of the Northeast, you are well aware of the prevalence of ticks and mosquitoes throughout our region. Although our winters tend to be rather harsh, these creatures rebound in force come spring, summer, and fall, meaning our outdoor lifestyles are always threatened by insect bites. A fact you may not have considered before, though, is how tick and mosquito populations are directly affected by the amount of precipitation we have in Rhode Island.

Fewer mosquitoes are around, but there are enough to justify Tiverton mosquito control

In years past, ticks and mosquitoes have been found throughout our region in abundance, but the same can’t be said this time around. Due to the severe drought in Southern New England, researchers have noticed a distinct decline in tick and mosquito populations overall, and they’ve seen a direct correlation in the reduction of tick and mosquito-borne diseases. By this time last year, West Nile virus was found in four different mosquito samples from across the state. This year, in contrast, there’s been no trace of the virus. However, you should still be cautious, especially around ticks.

Tiverton tick control is still important, despite smaller populations

Tick populations have seen a similar reduction in their populations, except around coastal regions where moisture remains high due to oceanic proximity. Ticks are far more likely to transmit pathogens to humans than a mosquito in our state, so it is important to stay wary of these tiny arachnids. Black-legged nymph ticks, especially, are extremely difficult to see and are the main source of Lyme disease in the Northeast. While a drought is convenient for pest control purposes, these events are damaging overall and can’t be relied upon for long-term bug defense. For that, you need to look for a tick & mosquito control professional.

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve worked since the mid-2000s to ensure our customers are defended against ticks, mosquitoes, and the diseases that accompany these insects. With the help of our barrier protection spray, we can guarantee up to a 90% reduction in the mosquito population on your property and a similar reduction in the tick population. Our traditional treatments last for a maximum of 21 days, so a reapplication every two to three weeks will keep you defended through the remainder of summer and into the fall. We know how important your outdoor living experience is, and your health is worth protecting. Let us help!

Although a drought has reduced their numbers, ticks and mosquitoes remain a concern. For Tiverton tick control and Tiverton mosquito control, trust the experts at Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island. Give us a call at (401) 825-0110.