Do mosquito traps provide effective mosquito control?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

We are bombarded with advertising this time of year for would-be methods of mosquito control. With all the hype, how are we supposed to know what works?

From plants to candles, and cheap DIY solutions that never work; from ultraviolet to ultrasonic, what is the most effective for mosquito control around your yard? Eating a special diet won’t work. Unless you have a forest of lemongrass, it will not provide adequate mosquito protection. Citronella candles have minimal effect, if any at all, across a minimal area. The light from the candle might help a hungry female mosquito find you sitting nearby. Bug electrocution devices kill a lot of insects but are quite ineffective for mosquitoes and other biting insects. Over the last few years, we have seen a lot of talk (and a lot of advertising) about ultrasonic mosquito repellents. Mosquito experts say that those devices have been proven ineffective. The FTC has taken action against some of producers of these devices for false advertising due to their ineffectiveness.

What’s all the buzz about mosquito traps?

Finally, a device that is on the market, which actually seems logical. First of all, mosquito traps are not repellents. They are made to physically catch and kill mosquitoes. Once the device attracts them, it will use a vacuum to suck them into a receptacle. Another type contains a sticky surface that cannot be escaped after the mosquitoes fly in. After a female mosquito mates, she goes in search of a blood meal. Her mosquito radar is homing in on carbon dioxide, which is breathed out by humans and animals. For this reason, mosquito traps do not use light or sound to try to attract hungry female mosquitoes. They emit carbon dioxide. Unlike ultrasonic devices, there is anecdotal evidence that mosquito traps can be somewhat effective in ridding your yard of mosquitoes.

Are mosquito traps enough for your at-home Pawtucket mosquito control?

Mosquito experts implore consumers to do their research before investing in a CO2 mosquito trap. Experts also advise homeowners not to rely on traps alone. They concur that a full-scale mosquito assault with a combination of barrier protection treatment, as well as personal mosquito repellent for your clothing and skin if necessary, are the most complete methods of protection. While mosquitoes can be attracted to the CO2 being emitted by traps, there is scientific evidence that shows that mosquitoes also detect the salty taste on our skin. There is a chance that if you are competing with a trap for a mosquito’s attention, you will win!

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