What is the most effective Pawtucket mosquito control?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

As addressed in our recent mosquito control blog, advertising in the mosquito protection market can be deceiving.

In today’s climate of viral social media posts that pass misinformation and companies, who claim that their way is best, choosing the best protection for your family can seem daunting. Can it all be hype? Is there a tried and true method of mosquito control to protect your family out of doors? Yes, there are effective methods of Pawtucket mosquito control.

Personal Pawtucket Mosquito Protection

At Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island, we understand the aversion to slathering on mosquito protection treatment. It can be a hassle to remember to bring your mosquito treatment along on a camping trip or a day of hiking. Some sprays can leave a greasy film. You might not be crazy about the residual fragrance. However, we must liken our mosquito protection to sun protection. Since the late 80’s and 90’s, families have become hypervigilant about applying (and re-applying as necessary) sunscreen. It can be a bothersome process, but sun protection creams and sprays are beach bag staples today. We must begin to treat mosquito protection the same. Mosquitoes carry potentially deadly disease, just as the sun has the potential to cause skin cancer. Endorsed by the World Health Organization, DEET remains a universally effective personal mosquito protection product. Lesser-known but also effective, is picaridin. Many users of this product, also known as icaridin, note that it does not leave a tacky or greasy coating on the skin, and it does not leave a smell. When you are heading outdoors with our family, don’t forget to bring your mosquito protection treatment or cream along too!

Looking for the most effective Pawtucket mosquito control at home?

Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island offers highly-effective mosquito control for your Pawtucket home. How effective? You can expect to see 85% - 90% less mosquitoes around your yard for two or three weeks at a time. Having your yard treated for mosquitoes can be more agreeable than misting yourself each time you go outside. Our EPA-registered mosquito protection treatment starts working on contact to eliminate mosquitoes. Once dried, our micro-encapsulated mosquito control formula adheres to foliage and continues to work for about 21 days. Understandably, many families are looking for more natural mosquito control solutions. Mosquito Squad also offers an naturalprotection treatment, which works on contact, like our traditional yard treatment. Once the naturalformula dries, it will continue repelling mosquitoes for about 14 days.

Special event mosquito treatment will double your fun by doubling your protection!

If you will be hosting an event at your home, Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island offers special event sprays. This one-time mosquito treatment will mark many would-be mosquito invaders off your guest list. And the best part is, the same treatment controls ticks too!

Trust Mosquito Squad for effective Pawtucket mosquito control solutions – and we control ticks too! Call us today at (401) 825-0110 to schedule your mosquito barrier protection treatment.