Don’t Let Your Lake Day Be Ruined by Ticks

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Don’t Let Your Lake Day Be Ruined by Ticks

December 20, 2023

At long last, we can finally look forward to a long summer full of fun, gatherings, warmth, and time spent outdoors. To many, summer represents perhaps the best season of the year, and for good reason. Activities of all sorts are available in abundance once the cold subsides in the Northeast, and millions of people are flocking to the outdoors every single day. For those who like to travel to the beach, summer is particularly exciting as they can once again enjoy the ocean, its sandy beaches, and the glorious sun that often accompanies beach trips. As much as we want to embrace the summer season, however, there are some things we need to consider first. For example, and of chief concern, ticks are coming back in force over the coming months. Just as soon as temperatures rise above freezing, ticks can move about once again, and this temperature threshold was reached months ago!

Tick control is at its peak importance

As we speak, ticks are hatching, breeding, and feeding on unsuspecting hosts throughout our region, and you mustn’t become one of these victims. Why is this? The Northeast is known for its burgeoning tick populations, and it is also known for its high rates of tick-borne diseases. Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the United States, infecting around 400,000 people every year. This is an astonishing number, and ticks are completely at fault. While you may not see ticks everywhere, trust us, they are. They are also lurking in some of your favorite trip spots, like Carnegie Lake. Ticks like to hang out in grassy patches, like those often found around bodies of water, so ticks are not uncommonly found on people who have just visited the beach.

How should you check for ticks?

Ticks are very secretive, so they can be hard to detect once they’ve attached to you or any of your belongings. After every beach day, make sure you perform a tick check when you get home. And be aware that some ticks can be the size of a poppy seed, so look very closely. Should you find a tick attached to you, make sure you don’t yank it! If you pull too hard and too fast, the tick’s head may remain embedded in your skin. The key is to grab the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull with consistent, firm force.

Your local tick control professionals

At Mosquito Squad, we take great pride in our ability to defend our customers from ticks, which is why we’ve been doing it since 2005. Using our barrier protection spray, we will provide a dramatic reduction in the tick population on your property, as well as discourage ticks from journeying into your yard. With our premium protection plan, a tick control treatment every two weeks will keep you defended throughout the months when ticks are active.

Ticks are around beaches and yards this summer. With Mosquito Squad of Princeton’s help, you can defend against these biters with our powerful tick control solutions. Give us a call at (609) 778-1797.