Mosquito Control Services vs. Mosquito Devices

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Mosquito Control Services vs. Mosquito Devices

December 20, 2023


During the spring and summer, you probably see all kinds of product ads for devices that claim to provide effective mosquito control. In each instance, the product’s manufacturer touts the device’s superior effectiveness over other mosquito control methods. While this might be an effective marketing ploy, the truth couldn’t be more different. There is no single device that can provide real defense against mosquitos – you need on the ground, consistent defense applications to see the best mosquito control. When it comes to mosquito control and protection, is it better to trust a purported miracle mosquito annihilating device, or a proven mosquito control service? Mosquito Squad of Princeton would like to dissuade you from investing in a hyped-up device in this, the season of giving. Don’t invest your dollars in a gimmick!

Mosquito Killing Service vs. Mosquito Device

What does an actual mosquito killing service look like, and how does it contrast with the unreliable mosquito defense devices on the market? To begin with, we need to talk about the resilience and rapid development of a mosquito. While eliminating an individual mosquito or a group might be simple, mosquitoes have a defense system that is difficult to match: Overwhelming population growth. Mosquitoes take an incredibly short amount of time to develop from their larval to adult stage, and this means their population growth is rapid. Within a matter of days, once warm weather returns, there’s a good chance you’ll see mosquitoes return in force. Such a defense system is difficult to overcome, and this is why miracle mosquito control devices fail. Bug zappers and mosquito traps only seem like they work because of the dead mosquitoes that remain in the trap as visual evidence. With professional mosquito control, however, the lack of mosquitoes on your property is all the evidence you need to know that it works! In addition to being unreliable, these products simply don’t have the firepower to overcome a mosquito population that is actively growing on your property.

In contrast, a mosquito killing service uses a comprehensive, strategic approach to misting your property with a solution proven to kill and repel mosquitoes for weeks at a time. To keep pace with the population explosion mosquitoes experience every year, the professionals at Mosquito Squad return every three weeks to reapply border protection mist, which has a proven record of reducing your property’s mosquito numbers by 85-90%!

This method is the only effective defense against mosquitoes not only due to our mist’s effectiveness, but also because of our understanding of mosquito breeding. After examining your property, we will identify and treat the areas in your yard where mosquitoes like to raise their young. By targeting the current and future generation of mosquitoes, Mosquito Squad will provide effective and long-lasting defense that a shoddy device simply can’t match.

Forget about supposed mosquito killing devices! If you are searching for tried and trusted mosquito control services, call on Mosquito Squad of Princeton at (609) 778-1797.