Pests by the Beach

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Pests by the Beach

December 20, 2023

Of course it is beautiful living by the beach, who wouldn’t want to live moments away from sand, sun and the ocean? In addition, you get the ocean breeze which some believe keeps pests away…it does not!

While the Outer Banks is a great vacation destination, it is also a great environment for pests due to the humid climate and bodies of water. Mosquitoes, Flies, and Midges can be prevalent around your vacation home with water surrounding both sides of the island.

Great news! You can reduce the presence of these pests with the following suggestions:

  • Turn off all needless lights that could be located under carports, decks, home exterior,etc. Lights are the most common attractors to flying insects.

  • Empty any containers, buckets, tarps with stagnant water which is a common breeding ground for flying insects.

  • A clean patio is a pest-free patio - limiting food sources and tidy up any dining areas


However, living by the beach is a tricky area with heavy flying pest presence. While doing your part in limiting these pests will sure help, we also have a solution for you here at Mosquito Squad!


We offer a Barrier Treatment that limits mosquitoes by 85-90%. For our customers who prefer a natural approach, we offer a Natural Treatment option that repels 70-75% of mosquitoes.


If you have questions regarding our services or would like a free quote for your property, click here! We are happy to help.