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Spider Prevention & Treatment

Posted by Mosquito Squad

June 21, 2016

Hooray, summer is finally here!

The car is loaded up for a trip to the lake home and your heart is set on relaxing, or even jumping into the refreshing water. However, when you reach your anticipated retreat you find a mess of cobwebs all over the structure, decks, and furniture. Your vision of planned relaxation is shattered when you realize it will instead be spent cleaning the mess the spiders left behind. While you are still digesting the fact that your dream plans have changed, the family runs to throw their luggage down and you hear screams as they find spiders in their home away from home.

To avoid this disaster, and enjoy the first day at the lake home, follow these preventative measures:

  1. Seal the holes, gaps, and cracks in the foundation with caulk
  2. Replace all broken screens of windows
  3. Apply caulk around cables, wires, faucets, and in large gaps of closed doors or windows
  4. Minimize hiding spider spots such as yard debris and non-essential outdoor items
  5. Dust and vacuum under furniture and around corners of rooms and windows (if you vacuum up spider egg sacs throw the vacuum bag away)
  6. Treat your home with a spider control service such as Northwest Wisconsin’s Mosquito Squad

Spiders love to build their home on your home. Especially on your doors, eaves, deck rails, vents, fences, and most any other outdoor structure. Eliminate them with our comprehensive spider treatment as an add-on to your mosquito barrier treatments. In addition to misting vegetation, we will also mist around the structure, the eaves, windows, and doors to keep spiders from invading these areas. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your first day of your personal retreat.