Prevent Insects from Coming Indoors in the Fall

Posted by Mosquito Squad

November 12, 2015

In the Fall many insects such as box elder bugs, asian lady beetles, flies, and other crawling pests seek sunny places on your home for heat.

As the summer temperature starts to drop, insects look for warm places and shelter from the cold in preparation for winter. Some insects even have a way of telling other insects they found a good winter ‘resort’ by sending off pheromones, a chemical signal. Then the flocks really start coming.

If your house has vinyl siding they may gather under it, or slide through cracks and poorly caulked windows. If it is a sunny fall day you will see bugs congregate on your walls and windows. You will most likely see dozens or hundreds of swarming insects that are awaiting a chance to go into a winter retreat.

Rather than trying to squish the bugs, there are steps you can take to avoid their foul smell and oozing liquids.

  • Install and maintain door and window screens
  • Seal around doors, in any cracks, and around utility and appliance vents
  • Install mesh on vents and places where critters may get in
  • Fix and seal any leaks
  • Keep your kitchen clean, and food sealed
  • Get rid of clutter inside and outside around you buildings
  • Take out trash regularly and clean garbage bins
  • Clean up your yard debris
  • Prune trees and shrubs away from your buildings
  • Inspect items from outside for insects before bringing them inside
  • Change and clean your pet’s outside dishes regularly

Although these are great tips, it is nearly impossible to stop insects from swarming on your home in the fall. Mosquito Squad of Northwest Wisconsin recommends treating the exterior of your home in late August and early September with a structural treatment that eliminates 85-90% of insects. This kills pesky bugs on contact and prevents them from making your home their home for the winter.