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Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas- Going Off The Registry

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas- Going Off The Registry

December 20, 2023

While the happy couple does want the items on their registry, it is okay to deviate a bit from the list. Check out our list below of thoughtful gifts that are sure to wow the newlyweds!

Year of Firsts wine

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1.“Year of Firsts” Wine Labels

This is a gift that they can begin using on their wedding night! The wine labels are used to commemorate the couple’s “first” milestones, such as their wedding night, first house, first baby, and first anniversary! Not only are they customizable, but they come with a cute little poem for the couple to read as they toast.

State watercolor print

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2. Personalized State Watercolor Print

This beautiful piece is perfect to hang in the couple’s first home together! It depicts their shared last name, first names, and wedding date, as well as the state and location (marked with a heart) that they are to be married in.

Late night ideas notepad

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3. Date Night Box

Now this is a gift that keeps on giving! The cute little date box and set of cards make for a great activity for guests at the reception. The couple can set an ambitious goal of completing all of the date card ideas within the first year, or they can work their way through at their own pace. Either way, the date night box dually works as a great keepsake as well as a tool to remind the new couple to be intentional with their marriage.

Painted family portrait

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4. Family Portrait

Not only is this a perfect wedding gift, but it’s one that can be repeated throughout the years as their family grows!


Couple enjoying the outdoors.

5. The Gift of a Lifetime

Give the lovely couple the opportunity to enjoy their special day without any unwanted visitors. Mosquito Squad is here to not only prevent the pesty insects but the diseases they carry as well. Call today at 715-634-1504!