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Learn to Be Proactive When It Comes to Preventing Mosquitoes on Your Property

Posted by Mosquito Squad

September 14, 2011

One of the most important weapons in preventing mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illness and disease is knowledge. Mosquitoes may be one of the oldest species on the face of the earth, dating back to more than 170 million years ago. We still have the upper hand, and if we are diligent as homeowners to take control of our property then the incidences of mosquito-borne diseases would diminish.

Taking control of your property means to inspect it properly and stay acutely aware of any places that could serve well for a mosquito to reside or lay eggs. Even though we are moving into the cooler seasons of the year, mosquitoes are still out in full force, waiting for a host to feed on and in search of a good place to lay their eggs. Here are a list of the 5 things to keep in mind while inspecting your property.

The 5 T’s of mosquito prevention

  • Tip- tip over any item that collects moisture.
  • Top– top over any item or container that moisture can collect in.
  • Turn over– turn over containers such as planters, children’s toys, and other items that when not in use can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Remove tarps– remove any tarp or cover to discourage mosquitoes from laying eggs in the folds of the tarp that are prone to collect moisture.
  • Toss– throw away debris and items that can collect water. This includes trash. Did you know a mere soda pop bottle top can serve as a nursery to over 300 mosquito eggs alone? When in doubt-toss it out.

These 5 little mosquito prevention reminder words are vital to keeping you and your family safe from mosquitoes. Other common sense practices to make a habit of doing is to keep your lawn mowed and free of debris, this includes brush piles. Keep your landscaping from becoming overgrown. Make sure all screened areas are not damaged or torn. Secured screens means mosquitoes cannot come to call. Clogged gutters are a refuge for mosquitoes as well as down spouts. Make certain these areas are kept free and clear. Other things to avoid are pooled water in sandboxes and swing sets or other outdoor kids play structures. Also avoid keeping tires outside, keep old tires tossed out ( after all, hitching a ride in a used tire shipment from Asia to Texas  is how the Asian Tiger mosquito made its way into the U.S. not so long ago.)