What is a Tick Control Tube?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
What is a Tick Control Tube?

December 20, 2023

We often write about our Reading tick control services. But what exactly is a tick control tube?

In a word, tick control tubes are – well, genius! Practically speaking, tick tubes pave the way for ultimate Reading tick control and protection. You see, there is no official end of ‘tick season’ and therefore, there needn’t be an end to your protection efforts just because summertime is over. Here is the skinny on Mosquito Squad’s secret weapon, the tick tube!

What are tick control tubes?

Tick control tubes are comprised of three components. On the outside, there is a biodegradable cardboard shell. On the inside, there is cotton. Also on the inside is a highly effective tick control solution, which is present on the cottony filling.

How do tick control tubes work?

Late in the fall each year, tick tubes are dispersed throughout your property, where they are accessible to our tick control allies – ground rodents. As highly probable tick targets, these rodents, most notably mice, will scrounge for materials that will cozy up their humble abodes through the cold weather months. The idea is to make the tick tubes available to them, where they will find the perfect nesting material – the tick control treated cotton. As they carry the cotton back to their nests, the treatment will transfer onto their bodies. Not to worry, though. This treatment formula is not harmful to the rodents, humans, or other animals. The cotton will work two ways to control ticks. First, if there are any ticks that are overwintering in the rodent’s nest, they will be eliminated if they come in contact with the treated material. Secondly, if a tick quests onto the body of a mouse that has come in contact with the treated material, it too will be eliminated.

Are tick control tubes right for every home and property?

Any home or business owner can benefit from tick tubes and the fortification they offer against ticks. Because the tubes eliminate ticks where they live – and where they lay their eggs – they are an effective tool in interrupting the two-year tick life cycle. If you enlist Mosquito Squad of North Shore for your year-round Reading tick control regimen, you can expect to experience fewer ticks emerging around your property in the spring.

If you have additional questions about any of our mosquito and tick control services, Mosquito Squad of North Shore is happy to help. Give us a call at (978) 597-7168.