Save a Mouse and Kill Some Ticks

Posted by Mosquito Squad

August 24, 2011

It is not everyday that we get a peek into the world of nature. In the business of tick and mosquito control we are cautiously aware of the threat of Lyme disease that is spread by the deer tick via field mice, white footed mice and other rodents in our region. Really encountering a rodent such as this, face to face, for my wife, was really a treat. Just a few days ago my wife had an experience where she was able to discover the reality of just how close one of the main links in the chain of the spread of Lyme disease can be.

My wife was out working in the yard by pulling weeds to spruce up the landscaping. She found a clump of grass that was loose and just laying on the ground. She picked it up and found a tiny, pink “thing”, or creature, if you may, under the clump of grass. She thought that maybe it was a worm or grub of some kind, but realized it was too big to be either. Upon further inspection she realized that the “creature” had arms and legs. Very soon after her discovery, a brown field mouse came over obviously looking for her baby, which turned out to be the little thing she had found. She then proceeded to place the clump of grass carefully back atop the infant because she felt badly that she had disturbed “mama mouse’s” nest. The mother mouse quickly reacted by going to the nest and picking up the little pink baby mouse along with some other babies that were also within the nest. She then took the babies from the nest that she had accidentally disturbed, two at a time, to a new location under a bush a little farther away. My wife said that the whole time this was going on she sat in awe at this peek into nature that she was able to witness. She then said it dawned on her that these cute little field mice were the ones that contributed to spreading Lyme Disease and all of a sudden they didn’t seem so cute and cuddly to her anymore. She then employed a tick tube from our program in a strategic area near the bush. She felt really good about doing this because the cotton will help the mama mouse build her new nest and the tick chemical within that same cotton will kill the ticks on the mice without harming the mice themselves. The whole concept of tick tubes is a win/win situation from every angle.

Mosquito Squad of the North Shore uses these tick tubes as part of their tick abatement service. These tick tubes are usually placed in areas where mice can easily access them. Tick tubes need not be buried, just placing them out is the only requirement. Now through September is the most opportune time to have us implement our tick tube program in your yard.

Along with being an eco-friendly way to kill ticks at the root of the problem without harming the mice and rodents that are the main hosts in spreading Lyme disease, tick tubes have proven to be highly effective by reducing the risk of being exposed to an infected tick by up to 97%.

If you are interested in learning more about tick tubes or our other tick and mosquito control services, contact Mosquito Squad of the North Shore. Remember that a tick and mosquito free season is possible with the many programs we have available. Call us today for a free quote.