The Benefits of North Shore Mosquito and Tick Control Barrier Treatment

Posted by Mosquito Squad

August 26, 2015

“What are the real benefits?”

We get asked this question fairly regularly when people are looking for a solution to their mosquito and tick problem. The immediate answer we give is always, “Prevention.” When you are a part of our barrier treatment program, you have a consistent treatment plan that keeps over 85% – 90% of mosquitoes and adult ticks from infesting your yard or landscape.

Our trained service technicians are knowledgeable, courteous, and on time. Within an hour of your thorough application, you are able to fully enjoy your entire outdoor property, knowing that the majority of harmful predators have been eliminated.

Our second response is always, “Protection!” Ticks and mosquitoes can be harmful vectors (carriers) of disease and illness: everything from West Nile Virus (WNV) to Lyme Disease and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. A Mosquito Squad barrier treatment program is one of the highest rated in the country at combating ticks and mosquitoes. Even those pesky daytime feeders, the Asian Tiger mosquito are no match for Mosquito Squad of the North Shore mosquito and tick control.

Which brings us to our third and final reason for using our barrier treatment over other programs. “Pleasure!” Your yard is the full extension of your home and you should be able to enjoy it whenever you desire. Biting, stinging, bloodsucking, disease carrying bugs do not need to be a part of that happy picture. Get outside and enjoy nature, no matter what time of day — or night — for that matter!

The approaching Fall means it is time to get your strategic tick tube layering in place. If you are interesting in getting rid of thousands of ticks before they emerge next Spring, there is still time to sign up.

Here at Mosquito Squad of the North Shore, we are always open for business. Even in the deep of winter. What do we do when we are not out misting and treating yards and commercial landscapes? Well, we will be busy learning even more about mosquitoes and ticks and the best way to deal with them! We’ll also be repairing our equipment, doing needed maintenance on our trucks, and making certain that we have done all we can to keep our customers satisfied.

Together, with our 900 happy clients, we’ve made a huge dent on the North Shore mosquito and tick population: thank you to each one of you!  If you ever have any questions, you can contact us today at Mosquito Squad of the North Shore.