Massachusetts Rain: Not Enough Is a Problem, But So Is Too Much

Posted by Mosquito Squad

June 10, 2017

Water… it’s a basic need, and when we are in drought conditions, water and the need for rain can consume our thoughts. And then it begins to rain. And it rains, and it rains, and it rains. According to the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, in April of 2016, Massachusetts total rainfall was 3.01 inches. That’s 80% of what is normal. In April of 2017, we had 5.6 inches of rain. That’s 150% of what the normal range is. So now we have other rain-related issues to consider instead of lack of it. Not only will too much rain ruin summer fun and outdoor events, but it also makes excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes too. YUCK!


When it pours, rain collects everywhere, and standing water is where mosquitoes lay eggs. If you have buckets or wheelbarrows or kiddie pools sitting around in your backyard full of standing water, they are very liking to create a great home for these unpleasant creatures. Then there are the less obvious places as well: ditches that don’t drain well, rotten stumps, hollow trees. Any of these spaces that hold water can lead to a swarm of mosquitoes that will keep you trapped all summer indoors.

While some of those less thought of places might be a little harder to clean out, the effort will be well worth it in the end if it cuts down the mosquito population. It’s not just the itching that comes from a bite, or the annoyance of swarming when you are trying to enjoy time with family and friends in the backyard. We can’t forget that mosquitoes can cause illness. So due diligence is a community responsibility. Following the 5 Ts of Mosquito Control is extremely important in a time of excessive rainfall. Make it a community project. Instead of only working in your yard, maybe you could plan a day for the neighborhood to work together.

Mosquito Squad of North Shore also wants to be a part of that community push for freedom from mosquitoes. Our barrier treatment will eliminate 80-90% of existing mosquitoes on your property and continues to work for up to 21 days. Let’s work together so that you can enjoy being outside when the sun does come out!