Are There More Mosquitoes in Massachusetts This Year?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Are There More Mosquitoes in Massachusetts This Year?

December 20, 2023

Living in Massachusetts has a lot of perks: Access to the Atlantic Ocean, proximity to an amazing city like Boston, and gorgeous suburban environments. However, there are some costs that you might not have considered before moving here. Of the animals that make headlines in this area, great white sharks and other apex predators get the most attention, but there are other, smaller animals that deserve an equal amount of apprehension, if not more. Mosquitoes, despite their image as a mild nuisance in the United States, are becoming progressively less harmless. As if being assaulted by a swarm of them in the summer months wasn’t enough, mosquitoes are expanding their range, population, and ability to carry dangerous diseases. There is reason to be concerned.

Climate change has caused rapid changes in the North American ecological landscape, and mosquitoes directly benefit. An insect that prefers warm and wet environments, mosquitoes are discovering that the Northeast is far less harsh than in the past, and their numbers are growing. Aedes Aegypti, the mosquito responsible for Zika virus, is traditionally restricted to lower latitudes, but a warming northern climate has encouraged them to threaten both southern and northern states. How, then, should you approach defending your health from these dangerous insects?

Bar the door: Defend your property with North Shore mosquito control

When you decided to live in Massachusetts, mosquito control probably wasn’t something you considered at first, but its importance has only grown in recent years. Hanging out in your yard with a cool beverage or watching kids the frolic outdoors, you shouldn’t have to worry about the potential risks of enjoying the outdoors. After all, stress is best left at work. To get the most out of your home and yard, reducing risk is highly consequential, and mosquito control is one of the best ways to create a safe environment in which your family can thrive.

Fortunately, there are a few options available to you for effective North Shore mosquito control. At Mosquito Squad, each of our treatments uses our border protection mist, which has been proven to reduce the mosquito population on your property by up to 90%. Applied around the perimeter of your property, border protection mist acts as a barrier through which few mosquitoes can enter, and it also acts as a pesticide when applied directly to mosquito breeding grounds. We offer treatments with our original formula, as well as with our naturalbarrier treatment, for those who want to be more environmentally conscious.

Mosquito Squad takes your health and safety seriously, and we are committed to helping you protect yourself and your loved ones. Give us a call for all your mosquito control needs at (978) 597-7168.