Mosquito Control Districts Seek & Try Creative Mosquito Control Strategies for Combating the Zika Virus

Posted by Mosquito Squad

June 2, 2016

As with the arrival of other new mosquito-borne disease, the threat of Zika Virus has resulted in some creative mosquito control methods being deployed. While these fun and unusual mosquito control methods are not currently being used in the North Shore of Massachusetts, we find them inspiring and interesting to consider.


In efforts to control the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, responsible for spreading Zika Virus and Yellow Fever, a British company called Oxitec has developed a genetically engineered male mosquito. This mosquito, when released into the wild will produce offspring that are infertile. With male mosquitoes not seeking blood meals, there is no additional annoyance for humans, and experts agree that within a few generations the mosquito populations will be sharply reduced in areas where they are deployed. Preliminary approval has been given by the FDA to release the mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, but they are still awaiting final approval.


The Gambusia fish, commonly known as the mosquitofish aggressively hunts and devours mosquito larvae and pupae before it can mature into blood-sucking adult mosquitoes. Local municipalities in New Jersey, Florida, and Texas are releasing the fish in stagnant land-locked water to assist in mosquito control efforts. The fish live well with koi and goldfish kept in backyard water features and are highly effective.

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