Chickens Aid the Fight Against West Nile and EEE

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Chickens Aid the Fight Against West Nile and EEE

December 20, 2023

Mosquito control has literally gone to the birds. How are chickens aiding the fight against diseases, like West Nile virus and EEE?

States across the U.S. have undertaken mosquito control on the municipal level. Many municipalities have their own mosquito control forces, like the Central Mass Mosquito Control Project. These local or regional forces endeavor to treat communities with high mosquito populations with pesticide fogging. You might have seen one of these fogging-equipped trucks misting your street in Central Massachusetts. Some areas have enlisted the help of chickens in their mosquito control efforts.

How can chickens help fight the spread of West Nile virus and EEE?

Municipal mosquito control forces across the country are putting chicken coops in key areas across their jurisdictions. These chickens are not directly helping control mosquito populations by eating mosquitoes. They are being used as bait of sorts. These sentinel chickens are frequently tested for mosquito-borne diseases. Delaware, Florida, Pennsylvania, and California are just a few of the states that employ sentinel chickens to fight mosquitoes. When a chicken tests positive for one of these illnesses, the area where that chicken is housed, will receive mosquito fogging. By identifying the threat of disease, municipalities can be proactive in their mosquito control and disease prevention efforts. The great thing about using chickens, is that they do not build up enough disease in their blood stream to pass them. Though they contract EEE and West Nile virus, they do not die from either disease. In Florida and Delaware specifically, these chickens have helped detect the presence of EEE, but neither state has reported a case this year. This means the additional means of mosquito control is working!

Is municipal mosquito repellant the most effective form of Reading mosquito control?

While we can attribute a measure of success to the sentinel chickens, municipal Reading mosquito control efforts are never enough on their own. In high-risk states like Massachusetts and Florida, residents most often employ additional mosquito control. Hiring a professional mosquito control company, like Mosquito Squad of North Shore, is essential in these areas, because the threat of disease is real - and is understood. The most successful methods of professional mosquito control are Mosquito Squad’s periodic barrier mosquito control sprays.

While we offer an natural mosquito protection solution to repel mosquitoes, the most effective Reading mosquito control is through our EPA-registered mosquito barrier protection treatment. natural mosquito control can eliminate up to 80% of mosquitoes, but it must be applied more frequently than our EPA-registered formula. Our traditional mosquito control formula will begin to eliminate mosquitoes on contact and will last about a week longer than its naturalcounterpart. Our traditional barrier protection works to eliminate about 90% of the mosquitoes around your home for about 21 days. When it comes to effective Reading mosquito control, there is no wrong answer. There is only the right answer for your family and your particular situation.

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