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Wausau Mosquito Control

mosquitoIf you've experienced mosquito season in Wisconsin before, you know that these pests are rather annoying. But even worse, mosquitoes often carry parasites and diseases that harm or kill people and animals. If there are elderly or very young people in your home, they're at a higher risk because they have weakened immune systems. Don't take any chances this season and contact our Wausau mosquito treatment teams for a high-quality mosquito control solution. Most customers either choose a barrier treatment or opt for a misting system. Both options have their benefits, which we'll discuss later. If you'd like more information from one of our knowledgeable specialists, reach out and give us a call. We can answer questions, and in most cases, provide an estimate over the phone.


mosquito squad spraying for mosquitoesIf you're looking to quickly rid your yard of mosquitoes, a barrier treatment is a smart choice. For the average-sized yard, we can often finish the job in 30-45 minutes. The mist solution only takes around an hour to dry, so you can quickly use your yard. To get the best results, we use an EPA-registered, time-released solution that kills 90-95% of mosquitoes and even gets rid of ticks, gnats, flies, and fleas. We mist the border of your Wausau yard and common mosquito gathering areas to keep them out of your home. To prevent young pests from bothering you, we treat potential mosquito-breeding areas with larvicide to stop new mosquito populations.

If you would rather go with an organic option, tell us to apply an naturalbarrier treatment. We'll use our in-house pest repellent, which we refine every year to ensure you get the best results. This treatment option is gentler than a traditional mist, but you can still expect a 70-75% reduction in mosquitoes for two weeks. Just like a regular mist, our naturalrepellent in the Wausau area also gets rid of ticks, spiders, certain ants, and many other pests.


For a long-term solution, we suggest having a misting system installed. We install a tank, which usually holds organic repellent, and connect hoses from the tank to carefully placed mist nozzles. Then, we program the system to mist your yard multiple times per day. Your iMist misting system lets you control the treatment, too. Download the iMist mobile app to your phone or tablet to mist your yard from anywhere or adjust the mist schedule. multiple nozzles spraying for mosquitoes

The misting system is installed in a way that doesn't interrupt the appearance of your yard. Our Wausau tick and mosquito control specialists charge a small annual fee to maintain, refill, and winterize the system. Your misting system contains sensors and monitors to notify us of any problems. If there's a leak, low fluid, or some other issue, we're remotely notified and quickly respond to the problem. Mosquito Squad takes care of everything; all you need to do is enjoy your pest-free yard.



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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