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mosquitoIf you're tired of itchy mosquito bites and swatting away buzzing pests, Mosquito Squad can help. Our professional-grade treatment options eliminate between 70-90% of mosquitoes, depending on whether you opt for an organic or traditional solution. Most of our customers elect for a barrier treatment, which delivers rapid results. Some customers are seeking long-term protection and decide to have a misting system installed in their yard. If you're not sure of which treatment is best for you, call us or schedule an in-person home evaluation and estimate at no charge. Our friendly professionals are always willing to help.


mosquito squad spraying for mosquitoesA traditional barrier treatment eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes, and you'll notice a major reduction in ticks, gnats, flies, spiders, and fleas. The process doesn't take long; if you have an average-size yard, we should be able to finish in under an hour. We begin the treatment by locating places where mosquitoes gather, and then we use backpack mist blowers to mist an EPA-registered solution that instantly eliminates pests. Next, we mist the perimeter of your yard, allowing the time-released solution to keep pests away for three weeks. Finally, we locate potential and existing mosquito-breeding areas and treat or remove them to prevent young mosquitoes from appearing.

While our traditional treatment is safe for use around vegetables, plants, and gardens, we also offer an naturalbarrier treatment that repels 70-75% of mosquitoes by using scent. We produce the in-house repellent using a surfactant and carefully chosen essential oils. When we mist the repellent in your yard, it gives off a smell that repels mosquitoes, ticks, and many other pests. While the treatment works for two weeks, you won't notice the mist's botanical scent within 24 hours of application.


Like our barrier sprays, the misting system helps repel mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. If you have a persistent mosquito problem, an iMist automatic misting system will quickly remedy the situation. The weatherproof system consists of a tank with repellent and nylon tubing that leads to stainless steel nozzles, which are resistant to corrosion. Your misting system lets you time 30-second sprays two to four times per day, and we give you a remote control that lets you adjust the schedule and manually mist the backyard. You can even mist your yard while you're not home by downloading the iMist mobile application. multiple nozzles spraying for mosquitoes

Your misting system has sensors that check mist patterns, the mist tank's level, and detects leaks and other concerns. We monitor the system remotely and quickly handle any issues. Enjoy worry-free maintenance, fast tank refills, and yearly winterization for just a small annual fee. We give you a copy of the full year's maintenance schedule, so you're always aware of when we'll be stopping by.

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