How Can I Control Ticks at Home?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Of all the things humans fear, fear of the unknown and unseen are often on the list. As children, we were afraid of the dark because of what the darkness might contain, and we were afraid of the monster under the bed because, much like Schrodinger’s cat, the monster might be there, or it might not be. The only way to be certain was to take a cautious peek. Although most of us have put the fear of boogeymen and miscellaneous monsters far behind us, there is still reason to have a healthy respect and concern for the things that go unseen. Ticks are one of these. At their smallest, ticks can be almost imperceptible to the human eye, and at their biggest, they’re usually no bigger than the head of a Q-tip. To make things worse, ticks are silent parasites that are known to target sheltered areas on your body where they can feed, all without causing any pain. And, as indicated by recent research, nearly 50% of ticks in CT carry Lyme disease.

Ticks are the real boogeymen, and their ranks are only growing. As warmer weather creeps Northward earlier and departs later, the tick season lengthens and provides ample time for ticks to swell their numbers and continue to threaten animals and humans with their various diseases. So, how do you even begin to defend against an enemy that is hardly ever seen or felt? In addition to the professional treatments offered by Mosquito Squad, there are a few tricks to tick control that you should know.

How to approach Trumbull tick control

As secretive creatures, ticks can be hard to find with the naked eye, but we have a very good idea of where they like to hide. In their natural habitat, ticks like to cling to grasses where they can grab passing animals or humans. Controlling your tall grass is a good starting point to implement your tick control efforts. Your yard might have a few other potential tick habitats, including lawn clippings, mulch piles, leaf litter, and any other dark, moist parts of your yard where a tick can hide or breed. Frequent yard work and cleaning up after is a great way to limit tick habitat.

Although at-home tick control methods help, you are still vulnerable to ticks that can enter your property by hitchhiking on animals that walk or fly through your property. With Mosquito Squad’s help, though, you can implement powerful tick control that is guaranteed to get results. As your Trumbull tick control expert, Mosquito Squad has been in business for nearly 20 years, and we’re still here for a reason. Among our various treatments, we offer premium tick control with our barrier protection mist, which is applied to the border of your property as well as to other areas of your yard that might be harboring ticks. Additionally, we use something called a tick tube to provide long-lasting tick defense even in the colder months.

There are various Trumbull tick control methods you can apply in your yard, but the only way to ensure you are defended is by consulting professionals like those at Mosquito Squad of Fairfield, Lyme and New Haven County. Give us a call at (203) 275-0078