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Do Certain Plants Offer Mosquito Control?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Do Certain Plants Offer Mosquito Control?

December 20, 2023

Throughout our existence as a species, we’ve been plagued by mosquitoes. We’ve always struggled to combat these little biters, and the job of repelling them is only expected to become more difficult. Although individual mosquitoes are pretty fragile, they survive through sheer strength in numbers. Every spring as the warm weather returns, mosquitoes emerge in force, much to our misfortune. How are they so effective at reproducing in such large volumes? Mosquitoes rely heavily on standing water in which to lay their eggs, and even the water held by leaves is sufficient for mosquito larvae. Water is abundant in most human environments, too, meaning we are often one of the closest food sources for these insects. With the outdoor living season on the horizon, mosquitoes are obviously something you want to avoid, but how can you do so?

Believe it or not, ancient cultures discovered ways to naturally repel mosquitoes. Modern mosquito repellent relies on extremely potent chemicals, but you probably don’t want to apply this to your skin every time you step outside. With this in mind, let’s consider some plants that mosquitoes find repellant. One plant, citronella, is probably something you’ve already heard of. Found in big-box stores, citronella is a leafy plant that produces an oil we use in everything from candles to natural insect repellent. Lavender is another plant that we extract oil from. The oil’s fragrance can keep mosquitoes away by covering up their equivalent of a nose. Marigolds, rosemary, thyme, and basil are also good choices for plants that will deter mosquitoes. Each of these plants has a powerful fragrance, which is great for overstimulating a mosquito’s sensory system. Although these potent plants are a good way to discourage these insects from living on your property, the only way to guarantee you are defended is with professional mosquito control.

Comprehensive mosquito control that lasts

To truly enjoy the outdoors this season, trust the experts. At Mosquito Squad, we’ve been providing long-lasting mosquito control since 2005. With a long track record of customers with exemplary experiences, we pride ourselves on services that really work. Using our barrier protection mist, which lasts for up to 21 days, we can guarantee you will see up to a 90% reduction in the mosquito population on your property. With a treatment every 2 weeks, you can live life in the yard like never before.

Some plants like citronella are repellent to mosquitoes, but the only way to ensure you are defended is with professional mosquito control. At Mosquito Squad of New Haven & Fairfield, this is what we offer. Give us a call at (203) 275-0078.