Can Lyme Disease Go Undetected?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Diagnostic medicine has advanced lightyears ahead of where it was in past decades, but there are a few common diseases that are notoriously difficult to diagnose. Lyme disease, the most common tick-borne disease, is very difficult to diagnose for a few reasons. One of the chief reasons why Lyme disease can go untreated in many patients is because they don’t know that they’ve been bitten. Unlike mosquitoes, whose bites are noticeable (and often painful), tick bites are painless and very difficult to notice unless you can see the tick on your skin. Ticks are notoriously secretive in their biting habits; they like to find protected areas on your body where they can feed and shelter for as long as they are able. Unfortunately for us, this means that our armpits, scalps, and nether regions are prime targets for these creatures. Such areas are also places we don’t often check for invaders, and therein lies the danger. For and illness like Lyme disease to be transmitted, you have about 24-48 hours to remove the tick before its bacteria pass into your bloodstream. Thus, tick checks should be taken very seriously after working outside or even taking walks through a park. All it takes is one chance encounter with a tick for your health to take a turn for the worse, so don’t take any risks.

Why should you consider Cheshire tick control?

In addition to Lyme disease being the most common tick-borne disease, it is also the most difficult to diagnose. The clearest sign that you have the disease is a target-shaped welt/rash on your body where you were bitten by the tick. This is a clear-cut sign of contracting the disease, but not all Lyme-disease victims receive such a signal. Some people simply don’t have the target reaction, which makes a chronic Lyme disease infection a possibility. The most common indications of a Lyme disease infection are sometimes indistinguishable from those of other diseases, and that includes COVID-19. Lyme disease has been known to cause symptoms like headaches, fever, aches, and tiredness; all symptoms shared by our current nemesis, COVID. However, such symptoms are often seen in many other illnesses, which makes a correct diagnosis even more difficult. In chronic Lyme disease cases, however, symptoms begin to diverge. When Lyme disease goes untreated for a long time, it can spread to critically important regions of your body, including your joints, heart, and even your nervous system. Should you experience any symptoms of arthritis, heart palpitations, facial drooping, memory loss, or any of the indications mentioned above, contact a medical professional immediately. Lyme disease is curable, but you need to be correctly diagnosed first.

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