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Tick Control, Mosquito Control Alton NH

Mosquito Squad, your most reliable tick and mosquito control company in Alton New Hampshire.

Belknap County’s own Alton, New Hampshire, is a beloved small town to residents, and a popular summertime destination for out-of-town and out-of-state guests. Alton Bay is calling, and ticks and mosquitoes are answering the call. The good news is, Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region is answering your call for tried and trusted tick and mosquito control. Not simply tried and trusted – but guaranteed protection.

Alton NH Mosquito Control Services

Don’t allow mosquitoes to catch you with your sleeves up! It is always wise to enjoy your morning run or all-day hike with long sleeves and pants. At the very least, you should wear mosquito repellent when you venture away from home in the summertime, especially during pre-dawn hours and dusk. At home, Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire’s Alton mosquito control services will allow you to let your hair down and push those sleeves up. Our barrier protection mosquito control spray will reduce up to 90% of the mosquitoes on your property for about three weeks before you need another treatment. Our own natural mosquito repellent yard spray will keep you protected for about two weeks at a time, and offers 80-85% protection. 

Tick Control Alton NH

You need not call on another service provider for your tick control in Alton. Mosquito Squad offers tried and trusted tick control, delivered to you in our barrier mosquito control and natural mosquito control sprays. That’s right – one spray guards your family and pets against mosquitoes and ticks. And don’t forget to keep your yard protected in the fall and winter with our proprietary tick tubes, which are sure to result in fewer ticks emerging around your home in the coming springtime!

Alton NH Special Event, One-Time Mosquito Control Spray

Even if you are a regular Alton mosquito control client, we understand that some days you need to be certain that you have taken every step to protect your property from the threat of ticks and mosquitoes. For this reason, Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region offers our special event mosquito control treatments. We have all been at a backyard party with unwanted mosquitoes unrelentingly buzzing around us. Don’t be that host. Protect yourself and your guests from uninvited pests with our one-time mosquito control spray the day before your event!

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