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How do I rid my yard of ticks?

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Is There a Fool-Proof Solution for Ridding Your Yard of Ticks?

About this time each year, homeowners begin to worry about keeping ticks away from their yards. One search on the Internet will yield thousands, if not millions, of results about preventing ticks from entering your yard. The fact remains, there is no known solution for keeping all ticks away. This is due to increased populations, and the various means by which they enter your property. They can come in on landscaping materials, our pets, rodents, and other wildlife, and on us.

Over the last few years, life hacks and DIY solutions have run rampant on social media. From cedar oil to apple cider vinegar, there are many recommendations for keeping ticks out of your yard. The problem with DIY mixtures is their effectiveness – or lack thereof. While the use of essential oils is a good start, it will not offer optimal protection for your yard’s expanse.

Barrier Tick Control Spray Will Help Rid Your Yard of Ticks

Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes offers truly effective solutions for ridding your yard of ticks. Our traditional barrier tick control is an EPA-registered formula, which packs a punch against ticks and the nasty diseases they carry. As for effectiveness, our tick protection formula not only controls ticks but works to eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes around your home. It will knock out ticks and mosquitoes it comes in contact with on impact, and a special time-release formula will continue doing so for about three weeks.

All-Natural Tick Control Solutions in the Lakes Region

Second, to that, Mosquito Squad offers an all-natural solution. This barrier tick mist is comprised of proprietary formula with a base of essential oils. You can expect to encounter fewer ticks around your home for about two weeks with this all-natural formula.

Tick Tubes Extend Your Tick Control Into The Fall and Winter

Mosquito Squad’s tick tube program will further reduce the number of ticks that enter your yard by hitting them by proxy – with rodents. Our cotton-filled tubes are placed around your property, where mice will access them and carry the pesticide-treated cotton back to their nests. Ticks that come in contact with the mice or their lairs will be eliminated. The best part is the treated cotton does not harm the mice.

Rid Your Yard of Ticks

Aside from hiring Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes to protect your yard from ticks, there are things you can do to make it less tick-friendly. Be sure to keep your yard tidy, mowed, and free of leaf and grass litter all year-round. Fencing your yard will help keep out rodents and other wildlife, which could carry ticks close to your home. For more information, see our 6 T’s of tick control!

Are you seeing too many ticks in your yard? Enlist Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region for effective tick control. Call us today at (603) 301-4857.