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Chiggers are a tiny species of mite, which cannot be seen with the human eye. What you will see if you have an encounter with chiggers, are small, red bumps that can be extraordinarily itchy. Middle Tennessee offers an ideal habitat for chiggers. Close relatives to ticks, they live in tall grasses, shaded tree lines, and moist areas of vegetation. In dry, hot seasons, they will seek shade. They could be out there, lurking unseen around your Nashville area home. Mosquito Squad of Nashville can help.

Chigger Control in Nashville TN

At Mosquito Squad of Nashville, we know that this region harbors far more biting and stinging pests than mosquitoes alone. Trust our experienced Nashville pest control technicians to help make the areas outside your home or business more enjoyable by way of decreased chances of chigger encounters.

Originally formulated in 2005 to treat yards for mosquitoes, we now know that Mosquito Squad’s barrier protection spray also helps control chiggers and other insects. Our chigger control technicians will walk your property to identify problem areas and formulate a pest control treatment specifically for your issues. Like our mosquito and tick control treatments, our chigger control can help allay chiggers for up to 21 days between treatments.

Why is Nashville chigger control important?

When chiggers find a target, they latch on to feed on the host’s body tissue. What’s more, if they go unnoticed, chiggers can remain attached to you, your kids, or your pets for days. While chiggers are not among other disease vectors, such as mosquitoes and fleas, they do cause discomfort. For those sensitive to pest bites, severe rash and itching can occur. If bite sites are scratched until the skin opens, the sites can be susceptible to secondary infection.

It's better to treat for chiggers before the bites happen.

Chigger Control Services, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you choose Mosquito Squad of Nashville for your chigger control treatments, you can rest easy knowing that our services are guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with your chigger control treatment for any reason, simply give us a call within 21 days of your initial treatment to schedule a complimentary re-treatment.

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