TN Ticks and Fleas, Running Rampant in 2023

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TN Ticks and Fleas, Running Rampant in 2023

December 20, 2023

Fleas and ticks in TN are living their best lives in 2023.

Veterinarians across the United States are reporting higher-than-expected levels of flea and tick related illnesses in pets. Ranging from incidents of tick-borne anaplasmosis and Lyme disease to flea bite treatments and parasitic infections, our pets are at risk. What’s more, the risk for illnesses no longer goes away with seasonal changes, nor does it end with our pets.

What is at the heart of the flea and tick problems in TN and beyond?

Veterinarians and family health care providers alike continue to see an increase in mosquito and tick-borne illnesses, as well as the occurrence of diseases, like EEE, which are historically very rare. The first consideration is environmental conditions. Warmer weather, meaning higher average yearly temperatures, is creating ideal conditions for flea and tick activity nearly year-round in many parts of the country. This is true even in area, which used to have clearly defined seasonal flea and tick activity.

Is fear of tick control and flea control measures contributing to more cases of illness?

It is additionally theorized that fear of certain protection measures could result in more flea and tick-borne illnesses. Some families have chosen to opt out of veterinarian prescribed flea and tick medications for their pets, as well as topical and medicated collar treatments. Fear of pesticides could also lead to larger mosquito, flea, and tick populations. In both these scenarios, more and more people are seeking alternative methods of protection – namely, homemade, all-natural recipes. These could be recipes for disaster, however. The problem here is that simply because a method or mixture is deemed all-natural, it does not mean that it will not harm pets. Extremely high applications of peppermint, garlic, and citrus can harm your pet. Various types of highly concentrated essential oils are dangerous if you apply them to your pet. These mixtures are additionally quite ineffective, giving only the sense of protection.

Professional flea and tick control are highly recommended.

Experts recommend professional flea and tick control with expanding and growing flea and tick populations. Mosquito Squad offers various levels of protection for homes and businesses, with a multi-tiered approach. Because treating your property for fleas and ticks does not simply equate to periodic yard sprays. Mosquito Squad’s treatment plans include first identifying the source of potential infestations. It includes interruptions of those areas and advice to home and business owners about how to keep their yards safer through standard yard maintenance tasks. Your tick control can be extended through the entire year with our population-fighting tick tube program that disrupts the tick life cycle around your property.

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