Do I Need Brentwood Tick Control This Spring?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Do I Need Brentwood Tick Control This Spring?

December 20, 2023

Brentwood tick control is essential in the springtime but is recommended all year long.

Tick populations are on the rise! Brentwood, TN tick control is needed and very necessary this year more than ever. With Spring just starting to arrive, those disease-bearing arachnids are plentiful now that they are reemerging from their dormant winter season.

We all need to be aware that tick populations are on the rise here due to the warming climate and deforestation that is happening all around us in the Brentwood area.

Heavily treed forests in Tennessee cover 14 million acres of our State – and that’s 52 percent of our state’s land.

Here in Brentwood, TN, dangerous ticks lurk throughout our parks, trails, and greenways. These 14 parks welcome families – and their pets – with open arms. But that welcome may come at a terrible price for citizens and neighbors who are not tick aware. Be on the watch for ticks for areas in and surrounding our Brentwood TN parks.

6 parks on the West Side of Brentwood where ticks may live this Spring

  • Deerwood Arboretum
  • Flag Pole Park
  • Granny White Park
  • Margarett Hayes Powell Park
  • Maryland Farms Greenway Trail
  • Wikle Park

8 parks on the East Side of Brentwood where ticks may be hiding this Spring

  • Concord Park
  • Crockett Park
  • Marcella Vivrette Smith Park, also more commonly known as Smith Park
  • Miss Peggy’s Bark Park
  • Owl Creek Park
  • Primm Park
  • River Park
  • Tower Park

4 ways to protect yourself from tick bites when enjoying Brentwood green spaces this Spring and throughout the year

1. Stay in the middle of the trail, away from thick and dense vegetation.

2. Check yourself often for ticks while playing and exercising in parks where ticks may live.

3. Wear light-colored long pants and long sleeved shirts, socks and shoes.

4. Use a repellent registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for use against ticks, such as less than 20 percent DEET.

Then, when you arrive back at home, shower as soon as possible and remove any ticks you may find on you.

Diligent Brentwood TN tick control is a yearlong effort.

Yes, those nasty ticks are starting to move closer to us because the weather is warming up. But the truth of the matter is ticks are all around Brentwood, TN 365 days a year – whether actively seeking our blood meal or not.

Luckily for you, you now have the tick elimination champion close at hand – Mosquito Squad of Nashville.

Our two-pronged approach to getting rid of ticks is a dynamic, proven combination of effective treatment – our Barrier Treatment and Tick Tubes.

Protect your loved ones this spring and all year long with professional Brentwood tick control. Call Mosquito Squad of Nashville at 615-492-3662.