Do Not Stomp the Stink Bug!

Posted by Mosquito Squad

October 11, 2013

Earlier this week, I noticed the distinctly shaped “Stink Bug” was back and in full force. At first, I found one crawling along a windowsill at the office; the next day, I found more clinging to the front door. Another day later, a customer called describing the same scenario, and we laughed over this invading brown bug.

To be honest, though, this bug can be quite a nuisance to get rid of! Rightfully named, the Stink Bug will actually emit an odor when disturbed and leave a foul smell….so, unlike other pests, you cannot stomp the stink bug!

What are you supposed to do then? Here are a few tips and tricks…

  1. The first step is to control them from making their way indoors. As the cooler temperatures set in, stink bugs seek warmer shelter and move inside to hibernate (these bugs have been known for burrowing in crevices). Make sure to seal all window cracks, caulk thresholds, and utilize screens!
  2. If stink bugs have already made it into your home, you still have a couple saving graces. The first option is to actually vacuum them up. The key is to make sure you use a vacuum with a bag, however, so that you can easily dispose of them and their stench.
  3. The next option is to simply scoop them up with a tissue and flush them down the toilet. Don’t worry, they are not quick like other pests!
  4. Lastly, you can ask a technician to mist the active stink bug areas and around the entryways of your home. Although Mosquito Squad specializes in mosquitoes, our barrier treatment has been known to take care of other bothersome insects!

That’s it! Bye-bye stink bug!