Tick Control Solutions for Your Nashville Area Home

tick on a leaf

Springtime is the right time to embolden your Nashville tick control efforts.

Ah. The resplendent beauty of nature that comes with the advent of Springtime. Winter dormant trees joyously springing back to fragrant and colorful life. American Robins busily on their mission to gather pine straw, small fallen twigs and post-autumn leaf debris to build their nests for the next generation of family soon to be laid and hatched. But all is not so wonderful in Music City at this special time of year. It is also a worrisome time as Nashville ticks awaken from their hibernating slumber, looking for a free ride by latching onto humans and our pets. And this, my friends, is why tick control in Nashville is so very important.

Considering the fact that they are typically as small as the head of a pin, you may not think they can cause much harm. But don’t let their diminutive size fool you. They’re monsters.

After they latch onto our skin and get comfortable, they bite and attempt to slowly burrow into our bodies. And with those bites and their presence into our bloodstream, that is where the horrors begin.

The debilitating diseases ticks bring with their bites throughout Tennessee include Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, Heartland Virus, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

The black-legged tick – more commonly referred to as the deer tick – is the primary culprit in spreading Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, and Lyme Disease.

Ehrlichiosis and Heartland Virus have been associated with the Lone Star tick, also very common throughout the state of Tennessee. Earning its name from the “white Lone Star” marking at the front of it body, this invasion is so serious that many people bitten by this tick can no longer eat meat from any animal on four legs.

Identified as Alpha-Gal Syndrome (AGS) – or Alpha-Gal Allergy – the condition is also known as the red meat allergy or tick bite allergy. It is extremely serious and causes a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. People who have suffered a tick bite will come to know they have this devastating allergy as AGS symptoms occur after people eat red meat or are exposed to other products containing alpha-gal.

Alpha-gal is a sugar molecule found in most mammals and is found in pork, beef, rabbit, lamb, venison, mutton, goat and bison – as well as products made from mammals, including gelatin, cow’s milk and other milk products.

Tick Control Efforts You Can Take at Home

Nashville tick control starts with a conscientious awareness of what – and what not to do. The first critical step in starting your tick control regimen is with seasonal tick protection and tick elimination with Mosquito Squad.

Our two distinct types of control services are our traditional mosquito barrier treatment which kills ticks on contact, and tick tubes. Placed strategically around your property, these biodegradable tick tubes lure mice. Each tube is filled with insecticide-soaked cotton that the mice then collect and use for bedding. The reason we target mice is simple: When ticks attach to mice, they will be taken to their nest and poisoned by the cotton.

In addition, you can figuratively join the Mosquito Squad team by following the 6 C’s of tick control and tick elimination.

1. Clear Out: Reduce your tick exposure by clearing out areas where lawn and tree debris gathers. Ticks thrive in moist, shady areas and tend to die in sunny, dry areas. Don't position playground equipment, decks, or patios near treed areas.

2. Clean: Eliminate leaf litter by cleaning it from around the house and lawn edges. We also recommend mowing tall grass to keep your lawn short.

3. Choose Plants: Since deer can bring ticks to your landscape, select plants and shrubs that don’t attract deer. You can also install physical barriers to keep deer out of your yard. Check with your local nursery to determine the best choices for your area.

4. Check Hiding Places: Know tick hiding places and check them frequently. Fences, brick walls, and patio retaining walls are popular hiding places.

5. Care For Family Pets: Family pets can suffer from tick-borne disease and can also carry infected ticks into your home. Talk to your veterinarian about using tick collars and sprays.

6. Call The Pros: Contact Mosquito Squad.

Professional Nashville Tick Control For Ultimate Protection

Now that you know how to help control the tick population surrounding your home and property, we like to think of it as a team effort. Mosquito Squad will bring the heavy duty artillery to fight the good fight, and you do your small part to champion the control cause.

Follow the 6 C’s, mow your lawn frequently and dispose of grass clippings and leaf litter, and fence in your yard to keep wandering deer, rodents, and other animals out that can bring ticks with them.

With our acclaimed Nashville tick control protection, and your diligent mindset to keep ticks at bay, you will have the perfect blend of total protection.

Now is the time to spring forward with your Nashville tick control plans. Call the tick control experts at Mosquito Squad of Nashville today at (615) 492-3662.