Is West Nile in Nashville?

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There have been no reported human cases of West Nile in Nashville in 2022. Does that mean we are all clear?

Wouldn’t that be a great relief? Unfortunately, not a chance! Mosquitoes are plentiful throughout Tennessee, with the Nashville area being ranked among the top 20 habitats across the United States. And while we have not seen human cases of West Nile, there have been reports of the disease in Tennessee this year.

No West Nile in Nashville, But…

In April of this year, a horse in Smith County TN was diagnosed with West Nile virus (WNV) and had to be euthanized. Mosquitoes transmit WNV and although humans can contract the virus, horses do not transmit the disease to humans or horses. Symptoms in horses may include fever, weakness, loss of appetite, or convulsions. There is no cure for West Nile Nashville, and the illness can cause lasting effects and can be fatal. Aside from the equine case, West Nile has also been confirmed in a mosquito sample in Shelby County TN in 2022.

Relative to Nashville livestock, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s Animal Health Division is responsible for promoting animal health throughout Tennessee. The state veterinarian’s office seeks to prevent the spread of disease through import and movement requirements, livestock traceability, and disaster mitigation, doing their part to assist in mosquito control Murfreesboro TN.

Will Mosquito Control Murfreesboro TN Help Protect Us from West Nile Virus?

Yes, mosquito control in Murfreesboro TN will help protect your family, pets, and even your livestock from the threat of West Nile virus.

Thanks to Mosquito Squad Nashville, mosquito control Murfreesboro TN has four highly effective ways to greatly reduce West Nile Nashville concerns for both humans and animals.

1. Mosquito Barrier Treatment Murfreesboro: The acclaimed solution for the ultimate mosquito control Murfreesboro TN. By having this effective mosquito control treatment professionally applied around your home and backyard, we can kill and keep mosquitoes away for up to 21 days.

2. Natural Mosquito Control Murfreesboro: For those that prefer a more organic approach to mosquito control Murfreesboro TN, we recommend having our specialists re-treat your property every 14-21 days to protect against mosquitoes all season long. A non-toxic blend of potent essential oils gets the control accomplished nicely.

3. Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems Murfreesboro: Some areas of Murfreesboro are plagued with serious mosquito infestations. In situations like this, a constant treatment with a misting system is their best course of action for control. The automated release triggers a 30-second treatment that fortifies your Murfreesboro yard’s protection 2-4 times each day. Automated treatments means that your yard is consistently targeted to tackle your pest control needs. Because each system is remotely controlled, setting up your treatment schedule is simple and convenient. For your peace of mind, Mosquito Squad will automatically handle that for you.

4. Special Event Sprays for Mosquito Control Murfreesboro: For special celebrations and gatherings in open Murfreesboro outdoor spaces, Mosquito Squad has an excellent mosquito control solution. Prior to the event day, their expert team of mosquito control technicians will lay down a barrier treatment that controls West Nile Nashville mosquitoes. Invented in 2005, and used more than 2 million times, it is the most effective way to keep Murfreesboro mosquitoes at bay so the festivities aren’t ruined.

Stay protected from the threat of West Nile and other mosquito-borne illnesses with tried and true mosquito control in Murfreesboro TN! Contact Mosquito Squad of Nashville at 615-492-3662.

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