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Natural Mosquito and Tick Control Keeps Your Metro Detroit Pets Safe

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

The sprawling metropolis of Metro Detroit wouldn't seem like a popular nesting area for mosquitoes and ticks, but these pests are prevalent here. Unfortunately, Detroit dog and cat owners may not realize this fact or understand how a mosquito misting system or a mosquito pest control in Detroit helps protect their pet's health. Thankfully, we at Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit can provide mosquito prevention and tick treatment options that are effective and safe.

Detroit Mosquitoes and Ticks are Serious Business

Detroit's proximity to Lake Erie and other lakes and rivers make mosquitoes and ticks a real problem in this area. High-quality mosquito protection in Metro Detroit is critical for pet owners because cats and dogs lack protective measures against these pests. While you can always slap them away, your pets don't have arms and hands and will struggle to handle these annoying pests.

What's worse is that mosquitoes spread many diseases throughout Wayne County that can affect pets. Ticks aren't any better, being a significant spreader of Lyme disease. As a result, your pets may experience serious health issues that could even threaten their lives if they aren't adequately managed. Unfortunately, this tragic situation is one too many pet owners in Metro Detroit have faced over the years.

Thankfully, we can provide a mosquito removal service to help Metro Detroit residents. Our experts can provide a mosquito septic tank treatment and an natural mosquito treatment option for Metro Detroit residents to help keep pets safe. Understanding why you should work with us as a mosquito mist company can help you know what kind of mosquito mist for yard care works for you.

Give Your Pets the Relief They Deserve

Our team at Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit can use an natural mosquito mist and a comprehensive mosquito protection service that works well for pets. While our services include traditional treatments and other types of high-efficiency Metro Detroit mosquito removal options, we were one of the first mosquito removal companies in the area to integrate naturalcare methods.

Our natural treatment method uses essential oils that help drive mosquitoes and ticks out of your yard. Thankfully, you can receive on-going treatments without worrying about your pet's or grass' health. So in just 30 minutes, your pets and family can enjoy your yard and stay pest-free for many days ahead.

Contact Us Today to Get Help in Metro Detroit

Are you ready to work with a mosquito removal company in Metro Detroit that understands mosquito removal near me who can provide an natural mosquito control service you can trust? Then call us at Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit to learn more. Our team can provide the Metro Detroit mosquito control service you deserve when you call (877) 332-2239 to set up an appointment.