“What Does Mosquito Squad Do Exactly?”

Some of you may be asking yourselves this very question as you pass one of our trained technicians treating a neighbor’s yard. Or maybe you’ve even heard about our proven protection for your outdoors and are considering joining the Mosquito Squad Family this season.

This educational breakdown will help anyone and everyone looking to prevent mosquitoes and ticks by partnering with The Squad. Below we will answer some of our most frequently asked questions about our 100% satisfaction guarantee service.

“When is it safe to come back outside?”

Our barrier is applied strategically and dries in under thirty minutes so we ask for that period to be untouched ensuring the barrier remains where we applied. Once our technicians are finished, they will email a completion notice as well as hang a work-order on your door.

“How fast does it start working?”

Immediately! Our exclusive treatment used only by Mosquito Squad has a knock-down effect that helps provide instant relief. This partnered with our barrier effect provides immediate and extended release protection, keeping your outdoors comfortable.

“How long does the barrier protection last?”

Our exclusive barrier typically holds it’s effectiveness up to twenty-one days. As long as we have our thirty minute dry time, your treatment will not be affected by any amount of rain. With heavier infested areas, some customers decide to schedule treatments every two weeks as opposed to three.

“Why do we treat with a misting application?”

Mosquitoes need leafed plants, preferably in the shade to remain unharmed from predators, to rest and reproduce. Our main goal when strategically treating your property is to apply a light residual onto 100% of your foliage, defending it from harboring mosquitoes. If we can prevent them from breeding or feeding on your property, we can keep them from even getting near you.

“What training do Mosquito Squad technicians have?”

Our technicians at Mosquito Squad are certified by Kentucky’s very own Department of Agriculture. Not only do we pride ourselves in safe practices, we also have a carefully designed training curriculum so that our technicians are well educated.

“Where do we treat specifically?”

Our technicians will strategically be targeting any areas where mosquitoes may harbor to breed or feed. They will start on the perimeter with our exclusive barrier treatment and work their way inward. It is our goal to keep you protected from mosquitoes until your next visit.

“Is one treatment enough?”

We have treatments scheduled for our loyal seasonal customers from April to October every two to three weeks. Aside from our seasonal, we also have “Event Treatments” where we can protect a designated area from mosquitoes. One treatment provides a ton of mosquito control but the true Mosquito Squad difference comes from our partnership backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed with visits every three weeks.

“What time of the day will you come for treatment?”

Our technicians start their day at eight in the morning and will treat until four or five in the evenings if necessary. We will always announce our arrival by knocking at the front door and checking the grounds for roaming pets before beginning your treatment.

“How long does the mosquito control application take?”

Our exclusive mosquito and tick control itself doesn’t take long to apply thanks to our trained technicians and their powerful calibrated equipment. Typically about five minutes to treat a regular sized suburban home. Our barrier itself holds its effectiveness for up to three weeks.

“How do we pay for our service?”

Whenever is most convenient for you all. We don’t rush or have any late fees here at Mosquito Squad of Lexington. We accept all major credit/debit cards as well as checks/money-orders.

“What if I just mowed my lawn?”

Mowing won’t have any effect on our treatment due to us just targeting foliage where mosquitoes will harbor to breed and feed. Mosquitoes prefer to remain safe and being in the grass is out in the open, leaving them vulnerable and sunny.

“What if it rains right after you finish treating?”

Our exclusive barrier treatment just needs it’s thirty minute dry time and no amount of rain will hinder its effectiveness. If it rains within that dry time you will still have relief but we will certainly come back within the next two days to solidify the effectiveness. As always you are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee so we only want to put down a treatment that keeps you protected.

“Are there any contracts/commitments?”

No contracts here, just verbal agreement. We touch base regularly so if anything ever comes up you can just give us a call and we can update your scheduling.

If there are any questions you have that were not answered please reach out to us at the office!

If you prefer that we call you, just fill out the How can we help? form on our home page and we will reach out to you the next business day.