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(November 1, 2023)

"Great company and always professional and friendly. If I ever have any questions/concerns, it is easy to get a hold of them. No automated chat bot that doesn’t understand. I have used their services for two seasons and rarely do we have any mosquitos. I highly recommend. Keep up the great work!"

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Keith Britt

(November 1, 2023)

"I have a double lot that is forested and have been using Mosquito Squad for 2 years now. Extremely satisfied with both the results and their flexibility of service (given my pet needs and availability)."

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Jamie Niland

(November 1, 2023)

"They arrive as promised and are great with communication. I’m able to enjoy my backyard because of them."

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paige jones

(October 31, 2023)

"I’m new to the area and didn’t know I needed mosquito control until my kids were eaten alive. I called Mosquito Squad and they came out and put a stop to the problem. We enjoyed our backyard the whole summer. I will continue to use them from now on."

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Richard Scates

(October 31, 2023)

"We have used these folks for several years with good results. The times when we were bothered by mosquitoes after treatment they responded promptly and took care of things. We have found them to be very easy to work with and would recommend them to others."

Ramon Castillo Profile Image

Ramon Castillo

(October 30, 2023)

"Since we have pets and mosquitoes are particularly fond of me for some reason, I thought that the service was a good idea. We had very few problems with mosquitoes and on a couple of occasions after excessively hard rain, they were happy to come out and retreat the yard. I will use their service again next year."

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Jonathan Mathes

(October 30, 2023)

"Very impressed so far, could already tell a difference this summer and fall over last year."

Jodi B Profile Image

Jodi B

(October 24, 2023)

"Always very friendly and they communicate well. I did notice a difference this season with the mosquitoes. I will be using them again next season."

Chad Replogle Profile Image

Chad Replogle

(October 22, 2023)

"My family is so happy spending time on our new back deck now that our technician Craig has eliminated the mosquitoes."